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    Style your hair with Cosmetize’s Best Hair Styling Pomade and never miss a chance to impress someone.


    When it comes to styling the hair, Pomade is one of the best options available on the list. Pomade helps in keeping hold of your hair in whatever direction you want it to be. One of the best advantages of Pomade is that it leaves your hair soft and due to that reason restyling becomes easy. One of the easiest and safest options to acquire your piece of Pomade Hair Products is from Cosmetize.


    Cosmetize is a leading name in the e-commerce market that deals with the best quality beauty and cosmetics products. It holds the Best Styling Pomade for Natural Hair and has the Best Hair Pomade Brands such as DAX, Black & White, Paul Mitchell, Cantu, Fudge, IC Fantasia and many more that help in styling your hair.


    The Pomade comes in three types: Oily, Waxy and Water type formulation that holds the hair in a specific position for a longer time. Pomade doesn’t make the hair stiff. Instead, it leaves it soft for restyling. Further, this category is divided based on hold; Modern-day Pomade comes with medium, low, and high hold suitable for every hair type from thin, curly to thick.


    Oil-based Pomade is one of the traditional pomades that has been used for a long time. Its base is made up of mineral or petroleum oil, but ingredients such as vegetable oil, beeswax or lanolin can also be available in it that nourishes and gives shine to the hair. It is available in the formulation of medium to high hold and can provide your hair medium to a high sheen.


    It's best suited for haircuts such as classic cuts, side parts, pomp and slick backs. It is resistant to water or sweat, so you can restyle your hair whenever it gets wet.


    Water-based Pomades are one of the most popular pomades people buy. It has a lot of similarities with Oil-based Pomades. It offers high flexibility and is very easy to wash out. Water-based Pomades can further be categorised into various formulations such as Water-based Combo Pomade (Oil + Water), Water-based Pomade Paste, Water-based Cream Pomade.


    Water-based Combo Pomade consists of both oil and water that helps in providing medium hold to hair and can give a medium sheen. It's best suited for hairstyles such as classic cuts, contours, pompadours and side flicks.


    Water-based Pomade Paste is a bit thicker than helps provide medium to firm hold to hair and give a neutral sheen. It’s perfect for hair that has a natural or casual look.


    Water-based Cream Pomade is best suited for people with thin hair and who don't want their hair to weigh down. It also works for men with thick hair who want their hair to have a natural, low shine look. It gives light to medium hold and provides a neutral sheen.


    Suppose you have straight hair; go for Oil or Water-based Pomade with medium to firm hold. Whereas for curly hair, Water-based Pomade will help you give your hair a natural-looking messy look.


    For thin hair, any Matte Pomade with a light hold will do the trick. It will help your hair not to weigh down and provide you with the look you desire; if you have thick hair, choose Water or Oil-based Pomade with a medium to firm hold to give it a matte finish.


    Styling hair with Pomade is now made easy with Cosmetize UK range of Best Organic Hair Pomade that styles your hair naturally while nourishing it on the other hand. There are plenty of hair styling products to look for on Cosmetize. So spare some time and visit our website and shop some of the top-quality hair styling products; if you have any query feel free to reach us.



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