Shampoo e condizionatori per parrucche

    Shampooing your hair is a crucial part of your hair care routine, be it your natural hair or your wig. You need to shampoo your wig once in a while to conserve your hairstyle and ensure a long life span. Now, women often wonder whether they can or cannot use regular shampoo for wigs? 


    Well, the question is subjective. Suppose your wig is made of natural human hair. In that case, you can try a regular shampoo, while if it’s synthetic, then the regular products are going to damage your wig. In such a situation, you need to look for the best shampoo or conditioner in the market.


    Now that you are clear that you want to cleanse your hair with a shampoo or a conditioner specially formulated for a synthetic fibre wig, why look beyond Cosmetize. The platform features top-notch products from the best brands in the market like Beauty Works and African Essence. 


    The featured shampoos and conditioners are the best to cleanse your hair thoroughly, reducing hair static and enhancing compatibility. Moreover, these products condition your hair thoroughly and provide you with extra nourishment for long-lasting wig hair. They are also highly efficient in removing extra oils and dust from your wig, thus helping you maintain a proper, neat and soft hairstyle all the time.


    The key benefit of these shampoos and conditioners is that you can even use the same products for your hair extensions. Not only will they strengthen your hair extensions, but they will also rejuvenate them with lustre and shine.


    How frequently the wig should be washed?


    Considering that you have the best wig shampoo and conditioner with you, a week and a half or a week are enough to wash your hair. It will be enough to cleanse your wig from the product buildup. In case you are not a big fan of gels, creams and other hair care products, you can choose to wash it once in 2 or 3 weeks.


    So, that’s all you need to know regarding your wig cleansing and conditioning. Now, don’t keep waiting and get the best package for you. In case you wish to know more, you can check our blogs for more hair care tips.

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