Gravidanza e maternità

    Motherhood is the greatest thing and hardest thing, do not forget to care for yourself!


    Becoming a mother is a blessing to many. Motherhood brings a lot of joy with it. The idea of carrying another life within you is pretty overwhelming. Right from conception to the delivery of the baby and post-delivery, a mother’s only concern is her baby. She invests her time, energy and wholeheartedly devotes herself to taking care of her baby


    For a new mother, it is impossible to think of a world beyond her baby. All thoughts are overpowered by the child who has either stepped into this world or is about to do so.


    New mothers or women who are soon going to become a mother are so devoted to their child that they ignore their body’s needs. Their requirements take a backfoot for them. Self-care seems a far fetched dream. 


    Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life as she is elevated from the position of a wife or sister to the position of a mother. The thought of embracing motherhood sends a shiver of excitement down your spine. The changes that pregnancy brings to your body is unknown to many women. While most women are well aware of their body’s physical changes, there is still a significant proportion of women who are ignorant about the changes that they have to embrace during and post-pregnancy.


    Putting on extra kilos is the first major change in the physical appearance of your body, the second being stretch marks. Stretch Marks are a common name known to all genders. Be it a celebrity proudly showing off their marks on Instagram or your mother showing you the marks you gave her while you were in her womb. Stretch marks have become synonymous with pregnancy and childbirth. 


    Although a lot is available on google, questions like ‘why do some people get them more than others?’, ‘if you got them, is it because you did something wrong?’, and ‘is it true that you can fix them?’ continue to haunt women.


    At Cosmetize UK, we count you as our family, and therefore we will tell you all about stretch marks and how you can fix them with the help of our Stretch Mark Removal Cream


    Stretch Marks are scientifically known as “Striae Gravidarum” in pregnancy. It is a type of scar. They appear like indented streaks on your skin. Stretch Marks can be red, pink, or purple. The appearance of Stretch Marks depends on factors like:


    • How are stretch marks caused?
    • The age of stretch marks
    • At which place do they occur on your body


    Stretch Marks are the result of rapid growth that your body undergoes, and your skin is unable to keep pace with it. Due to this rapid growth, the elastic fibres present under the surface of the skin break, resulting in Stretch Marks. Stretch Marks generally appear near your belly, breasts, buttocks and thighs. It is hard to treat old stretch marks; therefore, it is advisable for every new mom or mother-to-be to always keep a Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal Cream with them. At Cosmetize, we have the Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream & other Mother & Baby Care Products that will give you good results. 


    Stretch Mark Removal Creams are a necessity post-pregnancy as well. At Cosmetize, we have brought you a wide range of Stretch Mark Creams that are effective in removing pregnancy scars. 



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