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    Before touching your face, make sure your hand is clean!


    Hands are the most widely used part of your body. Your morning begins by folding hands in front of the almighty and ends with applying moisturiser. Throughout the day, your hands have to bear a lot; frequent interactions with chemical soaps make your hands dry and irritated. 


    Frequently washing hands is very important to maintain good personal hygiene. It not only marks you safe from the attack of any bacterias or germs, but it also keeps your hand soft. 


    Washing hands has become a part of your daily routine. It has several benefits, some of which are mentioned below.


    Healthy for Your Workplace: Sickness can easily spread from your workplace. Those reading this who are already employed know that once one colleague falls ill, the rest are surely going to come under the umbrella. Frequent and proper handwashing can cut this change and stop the spread of illness.


    The Survival Rate for Lingering Bacteria is Lowered: Bacterias are one of the longest surviving organisms on this planet; they can manage to live for ages, they have mastered the art of living long. The extra effort goes into removing those bacteria from your hands; otherwise, they can stay in the tips of your fingernails for days without getting killed. Proper and frequent handwashing with 


    Natural Hand Soap & Liquid Hand Wash is the only way of killing the bacterias. Wash your hands with Hand Sanitiser for a minimum of 20 seconds for the bacteria to die.


    Healthier You: Your hands come in contact with different surfaces that are already attacked by bacteria. When you touch the surfaces, your hands become a residential point for these bacteria going back home, and these bacteria can get transmitted to your family and friends. Therefore, when you wash your hands properly for hand care, it not just ensures your safety and health but the safety of your near and dear ones too. 


    Washing hands is very simple and is completed in a few steps.


    • Wet your hands.
    • Apply some Hand Wash or Hand Soap Bar on wet hands and lather it well.
    • This step is the important one. Rub your hands front and back, tips of your nails and fingertips for a complete 20 seconds; that’s how long it takes to kill the bacterias.
    • Wash off your hands, and you are germ-free.


    In earlier times, Hand Soap was also used to wash hands. Hand Soaps come in bar shapes and work the same as Hand Washes. At Cosmetize UK, we have Organic Hand Soaps that are made from 100% natural products and don’t leave your hands dry. 


    Hand Washes are preferred concerning Hand Soaps as they are safer to use. Hand Wash comes in bottles with a pump mechanism, and unlike Hand Soaps, the complete product is untouched and with each pump, you get a bacteria-free, untouched hand wash to clean your hands. Cosmetize has a range of natural and safe Hand Wash & Soap that will make your hands free from bacteria and moisturise them at the same time.



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