22 Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

Braided hairstyle is one of the most flexible ones among all other hairstyles which is running from unbelievable intricate patterns to simple braids. African hair braiding styles are in tradition for thousands of years and are considered perfect for almost every event. Braided hairstyles can be worn whether you’re in school, gym, office or even a wedding. Depending on your hair type, you can go for different types of braids that will help you grow your mane long and protect your hair strands fr


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Braided hairstyle is one of the most flexible ones among all other hairstyles which is running from unbelievable intricate patterns to simple braids. African hair braiding styles are in tradition for thousands of years and are considered perfect for almost every event. Braided hairstyles can be worn whether you’re in school, gym, office or even a wedding.

Depending on your hair type, you can go for different types of braids that will help you grow your mane long and protect your hair strands from damage. Black girls have thick curly hair which is not so easy to handle. Cutting it short or having it braided is one of the top ideas that come to mind when you find it very difficult to manage. Braiding styles are used to show off your wild imagination and individuality. When choosing the black braided hairstyles 2021, always remember that you take into consideration the shape of your face and the texture of your hair.

In this article, you’ll come to know about 22 quick braided hairstyles for black girls. These types of braids will encircle all-natural hairstyles, lengthy hair kinds, fades, braids adorned with beads, cuffs, threads, knotted hairstyles, black hair weave designs, and more.

Here are 22 quick braided hairstyles for black hair.

1. French braids

French braids for black girls

The French braid is a timeless and feminine hairstyle that is most common among people of all generations and countries. It is a versatile braiding hairstyle that you can carry for every occasion whether you are going to the office or gym or for a casual brunch. French braids can also be combined with a half-down, half-up style or fishtail braid and are a very popular hairdo for wedding events. This braiding style will offer you a soft and romantic look along with a professional look, making it a perfect choice for every occasion.

2. Box braids

Box braids

Box braids are one of the best iconic choices for a sleek and sexy look. If you have afro-textured hair and want something best for this summer but do not have enough time to spend on its maintenance, go for this classic box braids. For this look, you need to section your hair into squares and then work individually on each section to form plaits. You can easily go for this hairdo if you have thick hair or add extensions if your hair lacks volume, which will offer you stunning long, fuller hair locks. Box braids are considered as a protective hairstyle which can be done on any hair length and thickness. You can opt for smaller box braids if you have naturally fine or thin hair.

3. Triangle box braid

Triangle box braid

Triangle box braids is a simple yet stylish hairstyle in which the box braids form a triangular pattern. You can go for this style if you wish to have a fresh look because of the unique twist you do to your normal box braid hairstyle. For this hairstyle, thicker braids are the best because the braids will hand down lower, which will perfectly show off the triangles. This hairstyle can last for about eight weeks if maintained properly.

4. Dutch braid

Dutch braid

A Dutch braid is one such fun and cute hairstyle that does right with your hair texture. In this hairstyle, your hair will not lie flat on your head. The technique of doing this hairstyle is very different because it’s a three-strand technique. You can enhance the look of this hairstyle by wearing Dutch braids with an exquisite bead or colourful ribbon detailing. A Dutch braid is also known as reverse French braid because you need to gradually add small sections of the hair to the plaits. Take a standard plait hairstyle to the next level by creating crown braids or double braids to get a formal occasion’s headband effect.

5. Waterfall braids

Waterfall braids

Waterfall braids are one of the most stunning and feminine braid hairdos these days. It is a higher version of the French braid. In this hairstyle, you will braid only across the top head part and will leave the rest hair loose instead of pulling all your hair to form a plait. This hairstyle looks best with soft wavy or beachy hairs because it creates a cascading effect. Waterfall braids are one of the most popular choices among the bride and bridesmaid because of their romantic, gentle vibe. You can add some delicate hair slides or some flowers or even a Dutch braid to this style for a beautiful effect.

6. Lemonade braid

Lemonade braid

Lemonade braid hairstyle involves creating neat, close and even cornrows that are created from left to right rather than straight back. You might need to add hair extensions if you want to get the thickness required for the braid. This hairstyle offers a versatile look and gorgeous makeover irrespective of the thickness and size. You can combine this hairstyle with different cornrows styles such as zig-zag, and add hair accessories such as beads and rings. This hairdo can be worn with any outfit of your preference.

7. Half-up half-down braid

Half-up half-down braid

A half-up half-down braiding hairstyle offers you the best look if you have long hair and want braids. Double French braid your hair halfway from the centre and then twist it up to form a messy bun. This technique adds a cool factor to your normal bun hairstyle along with a beachy vibe. Make sure you leave the hair loose enough to attain the best look.

8. Feed-in braid

Feed-in braid

Feed-in braid, also known as knotless braids, helps to protect your hair as compared to other hairstyles. It is one of the most popular braiding styles in which hair extensions are secured to the natural hair with a knot to create cornrows or super long box braids. The hairstylist will gradually feed the hair extensions with the real locks by plaiting them together for a seamless blend. This will ensure that less tension is put on your scalp and the braids are not heavy. Moreover, it will offer you a natural finish along with the extra length.

9. Braided buns

Braided buns

Braided buns offer 90s’ vibes which is a simple combination of braids with the classic buns. When we talk about this hairstyle, you can go for many options. You can combine buns with double braids by sectioning the hair from the centre part and then creating two Dutch braids at the nape of your neck. Now form double ponytails by working from the crown of the head and secure the hair. Create double Dutch braids that will start from the front of the head and braid back until it meets the other braid. Twist both the braid to form two buns.

10. Cornrow braids

Cornrow braids

In cornrow braids hairstyle, the underhand technique is used to create raised plaits where the hair is braided very close to the hair scalp. It is one of the most on-trend and fashionable hairdos. As the name suggests, each braid is formed in neat rows in this hairstyle. You can combine this hairstyle with another braided hairstyle as well such as box braids, or you can use it to create a fauxhawk or a faux undercut. Cornrows can be thick or thin, depending on your choice. This hairstyle does not require too much maintenance and is a protective style that can last for several weeks.

11. Fulani braids

Fulani braids

Fulani braid is one such funky and vibrant hairstyle that was carried by the Fulani people in West Africa. In this hairstyle, braid thin to medium plaits along the sides of the head in a row while leaving the central twist at the crown of the head. Decorate the central braid with hair accessories such as rings and beads. You can also use hair cuffs to create a unique updo. Choose the hair accessories and place them strategically according to your face shape.

12. Yarn braids

Yarn braids

Yarn braids are highly recommended for those women who are concerned about protecting their hair. This hairstyle is a great protective hairstyle for afro-textured hair people. Yarn braids are a type of hair extension made of wool or acrylic fabric. This material is available in a wide range of colour options such as peach, pastel pink, deep green or red. Yarn braids hairstyle is light and works with all hair lengths and textures.

13. Crown braids

Crown braids

Crown braids make you resemble a princess because of the royalty look. It is one of the most common hairstyles for special events such as weddings or proms. This hairstyle is perfect for unwashed hair because the hair needs a bit of texture and grit to get the perfect crown style. Plait your hair into a French braid or a double Dutch braid and then lift each side and secure it on the opposite side in the form of a crown.

14. Goddess braids

Goddess braids

Goddess braids have a strong yet fashionable look that is equally versatile. This style is created by underhand braiding where the braids are formed into an updo, ponytail or are left loose, depending on the comfort level. This style will help you stand out from the crowd irrespective of whatever look you decide. You can enhance this hairstyle’s look by decorating the braids with hair accessories such as wires, rings, and beads.

15. Butterfly braid

Butterfly braid

Butterfly braid is a slightly fluffy and oversized underhand braid because it requires hair extensions to get a natural look. It is a unique and breathtaking hairstyle that will help you stand out from the crowd. Braid the hair along with the extensions and stretch and pull the hair sections gently to make it look fluffier and thicker. You can also add jewellery or hair cuffs to enhance its beauty.

16. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braid is one such perfect hairstyle you can go for if you are short on time and are looking for attention. In this hairstyle, plait a thick Dutch braid at the centre of your head and tie the rest of your hair in the form of a ponytail. You will get a Mohawk effect without wasting too much time and effort.

17. Janet Jackson braid

Janet Jackson braid

Janet Jackson braid is a thick, stylish, long, and stunning hairstyle for black women. This style got its name from the actor Janet Jackson who looked gorgeous in the beautiful faux locs. You can wear this versatile hairstyle in the form of a high ponytail or toss-up in a turban style.

18. Ghana braids

Ghana braids

Also known as banana cornrows, Ghana braids are an intricate and versatile hairdo. The term Ghana itself applies to a wide range of different braiding patterns in which each section starts with small braids and slowly tapers back to get a fuller and wider look as more hair is added. You may also need to add hair extensions if you want voluminous hair to attain the best look.

19. Crochet braid

Crochet braid

Crochet braid is one of the easiest and simplest braid hairstyling that will help you get extra-long braids. In this technique, you will first braid your hair into loose cornrows which will form the base for the crochet braids. In the second step, the hair extensions are tied and secured with the help of a crochet hook before you create plait. The crochets attached to your hair offer a great finishing look and the bounce effect added to your hair helps to brighten up the spirit.

20. Halo braid

Halo braid

The halo braid is an advanced version of the crown braid that offers you a very stylish and functional look for a special event. This hairstyle sits at a height on your head as compared to a crown braid. The halo braid is one of the best hairstyles to flaunt your statement earrings.

21. Snake braid

Snake braid

Snake braid hairstyle is a super easy and simple style that offers a fresh twist to a half-up half-down hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you need to know how to create a standard three-strand plait. For this hairstyle, start by plating a small section of our hair and braid it back till the end. Hold one of the three strands and push the other two strands back up. Now gently pull the braid out to get a snake pattern. Repeat the same technique on the other side as well and then tie the two snake braids together at the back of your head in a ponytail. Use a section of your hair to cover the joint.

22. Jumbo box braid

Jumbo box braid

Jumbo box braids are a perfect style if you are looking for a statement in a braid hairstyle. This hairstyle is quite heavy on your head, but you can pull off your look effortlessly if you have long, thick hair. Jumbo box braids are the best canvas for forecasting the hair accessories such as jewels, beads, and rings and bright new hair colour. You can get this hairstyle done in a few minutes. This hairstyle is considered a great choice if you have naturally thick hair or you may add some top-notch hair extensions to create thicker and fuller braids.


As mentioned above, these are some of the best braided hairstyles for black girls. Braids are considered a sign of sparkle for black hair people. Braids have been in existence for a very long time and still have the ability to protect your natural hair by offering a creative look. Before you decide to choose any braiding style, make sure you are aware of your hair health because braiding impacts the growth of the hair as well.


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