How to Dip Dye Hair Without Bleach?

Experimenting with hair with different shades of colour has always been a hobby for millennials. Such a similar experiment came into existence when many celebrities introduced dyeing the ends of their hair with different shades, popularly known as dip-dye. The inspiration for the method originated f


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Experimenting with hair with different shades of colour has always been a hobby for millennials. Such a similar experiment came into existence when many celebrities introduced dyeing the ends of their hair with different shades, popularly known as dip-dye. Use Demi-permanent dye that contains small amounts of peroxide that can lighten your hair to a certain degree. You can dip-dye your own hair and it is one of the easiest ways to dye your own hair at home.

The inspiration for the method originated from the process known as tie-dyeing clothing, which involved the dyeing of clothes by folding, crumpling and bending followed by various colour dyes. The process became popular overnight after many celebrities tried the dip dyes look. Now a majority of people wish to have this type of look.

Many people found it easy because that let them free from using various highlighters, putting foils into their hair.

So, in this article, we have got you covered on how you can save time and money by not going to a hair salon. Before starting, make sure you refrain from using colours that involve bleach and other harmful chemical compounds.

Below, we have discussed various methods to dip dye their hair without putting a single drop of bleach into their scalp. We have also discussed varieties of hair products one can go out using as an alternative to bleach.

So, let us get started!

Why is bleach considered to be unhealthy for your hair?

Before we move out, Why not use bleach?

Let us first understand what bleach means. Bleaching is a process done to lighten your hair shade before dyeing it with different colours. It is also considered one of the quickest methods to lighten hair compared to other conventional methods.

Many salons follow this process before they get into the process of dying. Bleach breaks hair proteins to remove colour. After it gets washed, the hair becomes lighter and more comfortable to dye. But that is not the end of the story.

Why should one refrain from using bleach?

The answer is simple. It involves the use of chemicals which can cause various side effects, including hair allergies. As soon as bleach comes in contact with your scalp, it leads to a burning or tingling sensation. If you face any such problems, remove the bleach from your hair as soon as possible.

Bleaching may lead your hair to dryness

The main reason behind it is that bleaching involves the process known as oxidation. It includes using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide that results in opening the locks of your hair. It further causes dryness and makes your hair itchy.

One should understand that bleaching affects hair strength, hence making it weaker. It makes the hair brittle and is also considered an unavoidable condition for many women.

Even after bleaching, there is a possibility of having discoloured hair. It does not ensure the results of getting proportionate hair shade. Hence, that will result in giving a dull and very unprofessional look to your hair.

So, we discussed various drawbacks one can have if one chooses to bleach. So now the question arises.

Read: How to Dip Dye Hair at Home?

Is there any alternative method available to bleach?

Yes, there are. Stick to the end of the article, and you will get to know about the methods to dye hair without bleaching.

What Is the Dip Dye?

Dip dyeing is the process of colouring your hair ends with your hands with a technique inspired by tie-dyeing.

  • It came into existence when various celebrities started trying this technique to dye their hair.
  • Dip dye didn’t take long for people to follow it.
  • Dyeing hair with this technique became the latest trend each woman desired.

There are varieties of methods available one can opt for without using harmful chemicals.

Let us go through the process of dip dyeing.

How to dip dye?

Step 1 – Decide the Colour:

The foremost step is to decide the colour that looks good on your dark brown hair or black hair types. One can research it online, read reviews, and choose the most suitable shade for them. Choose your hair dye, ideally in a cool tone. If you have dark hair, you can go to a lighter hue that’s the same intensity, like dark brown to dark red. The best hair dye provides a strong and solid colour, but the most important step is to always perform a strand and patch test before applying it to your entire hair.

Step 2 – Keep Your Hair Hydrated:

It becomes very much essential for your hair to remain hydrated for better results. The reason for that is, healthy hair would last long as it will have the ability to absorb the colour. So, it becomes necessary to shampoo or conditions your hair before dyeing it at least 2 or 3 days before.

Step 3 – Right Lightening Method:

Choosing the right lightening method has become essential when we understand the drawbacks of using bleach. Some of the Natural ways which are most effective in lightening the hair are Using chamomile tea, using honey, using apple cider vinegar, using homemade masks etc. One can apply any of these methods to lighten the hair before dip dyeing it.

Step 4 – Let Your Hair Dry:

After you have done lightening your hair, wear an old t-shirt so that you do not have any regrets even if it gets dirty.

Step 5 – Select a Suitable Place for Dying Your Hair:

Choose a place where you can find water and a mirror, for instance, a bathroom. So that you can have a definite look at what you are doing, take a dry brush, brush all the knots out into your hair. Make sure there is no dirt left in it.

Step 6 – Divide Your Hair Into Sections:

After you have done brushing, part your hair into two equal parts. Take the colour dye in a bowl, dip the applicator brush into it and apply to the area you want your hair to be dyed. Thoroughly spread the hair by a sweeping motion.

Step 7 – Leave It About 25-30 Min:

Once you have done dyeing the hair, leave it for about 25-30 mins to experience results. After that, shampoo your hair with coloured hair shampoo, rinse it with cool water and enjoy your dip-dye look.

Products to Use for Dip-dyeing Your Hair:

With the right products, you can look after your hair and make it last longer.

Osmo Colour Revive

Though Osmo Colour Revive is available in limited colour variants, it can be a perfect option for those seeking violet hair dyes. This product consists of avocado oil and linseed oil. That results in enriching your hair nutrients and making it soft. It adds more drama to your hair hence increasing its colour vibrancy.

Natural Henna

Henna is the most natural way one can use to dye their hair. It prepared from a plant known as Lawsonia Inermis. Henna not only keeps the process organic but also promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. There are varieties of colour options available in the market, and one can choose according to their preference.

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Temporary 1-Day Hair Color

It is an ammonia-free product that one can use to dye their hair; it is available in 14 shades. Choose hair dye according to your preference. For your information, this product is a temporary solution to dye your hair. That means the colour won’t last for a longer time.

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Another L’oreal product that comes to feature is this semi-permanent hair dye – made for the people who want their hair to remain coloured for more time. It comes with zero ammonia solution in it, and it's bleach-free. Available in varieties of shades one can use up to their preference.


Now, you must be aware of the various dyes that you can opt for without using a single drop of bleach. One can choose any method from the above steps to get their desired results. We also discussed the various ways one can save themselves from using harmful chemicals.

We also discussed varieties of products one can prefer to go for better results. Hence at the end of the day, the responsibility of taking care of your hair remains solely yours. Go through the choices mentioned above and choose the method which is more convenient according to you.


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