How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye

You are very lucky if you haven’t had any hair dye disasters so far in your life. Well, most of us have coloured our hair and ended up with some patchy and uneven hair strands. Don’t panic! The first thing we do is turn to the internet to find a solution. There are plenty of


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You are very lucky if you haven’t had any hair dye disasters so far in your life. Well, most of us have coloured our hair and ended up with some patchy and uneven hair strands. Don’t panic!

The first thing we do is turn to the internet to find a solution. There are plenty of quick-fix methods for patchy hair dye. For best results, do visit a professional hairstylist to fix the mess you have done. They will help you with all the possible ways to make your tresses look fabulous.

Now the question arises, what are the reasons that will lead your hair dye to come out patchy?

Three reasons will result in patchy hair dye. They are:

  • The base colour was patchy.
  • The ingredients weren’t mixed properly.
  • You did not use the right dye according to your hair type.

If you come to know that you have made any of the mistakes mentioned above, make sure you dye your hair all over again to overcome the problem of patchy hair dye. In this era, many young people wish to dye their hair at home without having adequate knowledge about their techniques and after-effects. If you have any doubts regarding implementation, visiting a hair salon is always the best option.

Some people can afford to dye hair successfully, but then there are plenty of other people who are not able to change their hair colour successfully. Their hair ends up uneven or patchy instead of ending up with a beautiful shade. If you are one such individual who has ended up dying your hair in two different shades, do not feel shy or bad. This may happen because of a basic colour error or because of lack of attention, or due to lack of experience.

Now you have come to know that patchy hair dye is one of the most common problems faced by the majority of people who wish to dye hair. It’s time to know how to fix patchy hair dye. We have already discussed the three reasons above that will lead your hair dye patchy, and now we will discuss all the possible solutions that will help you fix the problem of patchy hair dye.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • How to fix patchy hair colour if the base colour was uneven?
  • How to fix patchy hair colour if you did not mix all the ingredients properly?
  • What to do if you did not choose the right hair dye or there were problems during the hair dye application process?

How to Fix Patchy Hair Colour if the Base Colour Was Uneven?

The colour you start with before you start using hair dye is a very important thing to make sure that the final colour after hair dye ends up even. When you bleach your hair, often the results are not the same as desired. Hair dye your hair to fix this problem because your hair results in patchy hair dye due to inappropriate or uneven base colour. Always remember, your hair dye will be patchy if the base colour is patchy or uneven. Also, you need to take care of your color-treated hair after the dying process

Hair dyeing or hair bleaching isn’t an easy job, and there are various risks associated with them. Even though you read and follow all the instructions carefully, sometimes, you might end up having uneven or patchy hair dye. You are always asked to get this job done by the hair colourist because they have deep knowledge and know all the possible outcomes you might face after using box dye. They make sure that they perform the entire process correctly with the best results.

How to Fix It?

If the base colour was uneven, you know this is what made your new hair colour come out patchy or uneven. To avoid this problem, all you need is to again dye your strands, but this time use a new dye one shade darker than the shade you used before. By doing so, your hair colour will be even because the patchy hair areas will get covered by applying the darker dye. Also, make sure that you mix the hair dye properly because you use it and remember that you apply the solution to all your hair.

Start applying the dye from the hair ends and then move to the top rather than starting from the roots. Cover every inch of your hair with hair dye properly. Let it rest for about 40-45 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. Let your hair dry naturally. Now you will even have hair colour. You can also use a purple shampoo that will balance out the yellow tones if you have pale blonde hair.

How to Fix Patchy Hair Colour if You Did Not Mix All The Ingredients Properly?

You need to be very careful when mixing the best hair dye with the developer. We all know if we don’t prepare the cake batter correctly for baking the cake, it won’t rise. In the same way, if you won’t mix the hair dye mixture correctly, it will result in patchy spots. Make sure you prepare a well-mixed cream before applying it to your hair. This is because, in some areas of your hair, only the dye portion will act, giving the natural hair colour. In contrast, only the developer will act in other sections, lightening the hair resulting in patchy hair dye or zebra stripes in your hair.

How to Fix It?

  • If your hair results in patchy hair dye, consider dyeing your hair again. Still, this time make sure you mix the dye and the developer correctly.
  • While mixing, double-check all the recommendations mentioned on the packet of the developer and bleach powder to find out how it will take to get an even mixture.
  • Get a smooth, malleable, creamy, and consistent paste that won’t drip off and will be easy to apply.
  • If the paste texture isn’t consistent, later on, your hair might look uneven.
  • Apply the mixture thoroughly from the roots to the hair ends and let it rest for about 40-50 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair colour will turn out perfectly even.

What to Do if You Did Not Choose the Right Hair Dye or There Were Problems During the Hair Dye Application Process?

One of the most common reasons for patchy hair dye is you are unaware of the steps of applying the hair dye to your hair. You need to follow the techniques step by step to colour your hair properly. Make sure you choose the right hair dye according to your hair type.

How to Fix It?

Dye your hair again if the colour ended up patchy because you did not use the dye correctly. The first thing you need to remember is that you need to use the same colour hair dye that you would have used for the first time.

If you want to touch up your hair roots:

  • Partition your hair from the middle so that the roots are exposed.
  • Apply the dye mix to the roots with the help of a dye brush.
  • Follow the same procedure for the rest of your hair.
  • Make sure that the roots have hair dye and the hair ends are dry after you finish applying the mixture.
  • Let it rest for 40-45 minutes and wash it off. You will witness the best result as desired.

If you only want to touch up the body of the hair instead of the roots, apply the hair dye mixture from the middle portion of the hair length to the hair ends. Leave one to two inches of your hair roots dry. Use a dye brush or a comb to make sure all your hair is wet with dye on it, leaving the roots dry. Once you know that you did the process right, leave it for 30-40 minutes and wash it off. Now, you’ll notice even hair colour without patchy hair because you performed the procedure carefully without any mistakes.


It is very important to pay close attention. At the same time, you perform the hair dyeing process to find out where you have been making a mistake. Notice the reason why and when the hair dye ends up patchy so that you won’t repeat the mistakes and won’t end up with the same results.

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