How To Lighten Dark Brown Hair With Box Dye?

You’ve probably dreamed of finding out how to lighten dark brown hair naturally if you have dark brown hair. You might think that your friend with dark brown or blonde hair can rock a light brown hair look while you can’t. But that’s not true. With the right hair lightener or right colourist, you ca


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You’ve probably dreamed of finding out how to lighten dark brown hair naturally if you have dark brown hair. You might think that your friend with dark brown or blonde hair can rock a light brown hair look while you can’t. But that’s not true.

With the right hair lightener or right colourist, you can learn how to lighten your dark brown hair at home. Make sure you follow the basic rules and instructions on the label to make this process easier. Now the question arises, can box dye help you lighten your dark brown hair? If the answer is yes, then the next question arises. How to lighten dark brown hair with box dye?

Ways to Lighten Dark Brown Hair With Box Dye 2021 Guide

Firstly, we want to clarify that using box dye to lighten your dark brown hair will not give you blonde hair. This lightening product will just help you lighten or tone up your hair gradually by one to two levels lighter

It is also advised that you try lightening your hair with a high lift box dye instead of a regular one. Keep reading this article to find some tips and methods for lightening dark brown hair with box dye.

Tips to Lighten Dark Brown Hair with Box Dye:

1. Get Your Hair Prepared

You need to take proper care of your hair in case of thinking about lightening your dark brown hair with box dye. The lightning effect of using box dye will be more apparent if your hair is in good condition. Use natural hair care products to shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep them healthy and shiny. Healthy hair will help you maintain your hair colour for longer durations. Apply coconut oil to your hair for deep condition. Coconut oil will help you prepare and nourish your hair for a lightening effect because it acts as a moisturizing agent.

Application of the oil saves you from the higher risk of causing any damage to your hair after using the box dye.

2. Choose the Right Box Dye Hair Colour

The very next step is to choose the right box dye hair colour. You will need to consider your skin’s undertones when you wish to change your hair colour from dark to light. Pay attention to the hair colour you choose before you start the process to avoid unnecessary hair damage caused to your hair. If your hair is damaged, protein treatment can help you. It works to restore and moisturise your dry and damaged locks. As you experiment with a lighter shade, keep your skin tone in mind. Make sure the selected hair colour complements your skin tone. It will make you look and feel better after its application. A warm tone will make your features explode if you have cool-toned skin, whereas cool shades look fantastic with warm skin tones.

The second thing is that you need to know what type of box dye you are using to lighten your dark hair colour. Two types of box dye colours are available, namely permanent and semi-permanent box dye. The semi-permanent hair dye will last for only 1-2 weeks or less while the permanent dye colour will last up to 6 months or more. For best results, use permanent hair dye.

3. Lighten Your Hair Gradually for Perfect Results

To lighten your dark strands to a lighter one and go from brown to blonde highlights, you’ll need to lift your hair colour with bleach. Bleaching will help you lighten your hair colour down. Always remember that your hair does not get lifted more than two shades per session.

It means you will not get the desired result in a single application. How many times you’ll need to repeat the process depends on how dark your hair colour is and how much you want to lighten it up.

You need to wait for at least 14 days between two bleaching sessions. Always take your time before visiting your hairdresser for an appointment if you want to get your colour at the hair salon. Give your hair some time to rest between sessions.

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Steps on How to Lighten Dark Brown Hair with Box Dye:

These tips will make your hair-lightening process much easier.

Things required:

  • A box dye
  • An old shirt or old towel to protect your clothes
  • A small bowl
  • A shower cap
  • A hair dye brush
  • A pair of plastic gloves


  1. Cover your clothes with an old shirt or put on the old towel to protect them from getting dirty. Also, wear plastic gloves to protect your hands from getting exposed to a chemical present in the box dye or from getting stained.
  2. Apply a small amount of Vaseline or some oily product behind your ears and anywhere near your hairline. It will help you keep your skin clean and stain-free after dying your brown hair with box dye.
  3. A  hair box dye has two items that are the dye and developer. In the third step, take a small bowl and mix both the hair dye and the developer. Make sure you mix them properly.
  4. Part your hair into small sections when you have the dye paste ready.
  5. Start dyeing your hair from the front sections. You have to do so because they are the most spotted areas that require more attention.
  6. Dye your hair from the roots to the hair ends.
  7. Apply the dye properly on the roots area because they take more time to lighten than other parts.
  8. Make sure you do not leave any part of your hair uncoloured. Check it out carefully.
  9. After you have finished applying all the dye solution onto your hair, wrap your hair correctly with a shower cap. Let it rest for about 35 to 40 minutes to witness the best result. You can also use a hairdryer to enhance the lighting effect of the box dye.
  10. Wash off your hair with water until it runs clean from your hair. You need to wash it off with cold water instead of hot water because it will dry out and damage your natural locks is likely to remove the dye from your hair.
  11. Wrap a towel around your hair to soak excess water and let your hair air dry. Please avoid the use of a blow dryer because it will dry out your hair. Wait until your hair gets completely dry and witness the surprising result.
*Note: Wait for two days from shampooing your hair after lighten-up your dark brown hair with box dye. Doing this will help your hair strands absorb the hair dye properly.

You can also go for some natural methods if you want to avoid damage to your hair because we all know that bleaching causes some damage to your hair. Some common but natural options for lightening hair include vinegar & honey, lemon juice, honey & olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, chamomile tea, henna, baking soda, salt, vitamin C, and cinnamon. These at-home ingredients are some popular hair dyes.

The Bottom Line

Now the question arises of how you can take care of your dark brown hair after lightening them with box dye. You need to follow some hair care routines to help keep your hair feeling and looking smooth and shiny.

Look for the best shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that are considered safe for colour-treated hair. Conceal your dark brown or grey hair roots if you have any. Cut down the use of heat styling appliances to style your hair. You can use hair spray to add texture and shape to your hair instead of adding heat.

To make your hair look shiny and prettier, add a hair gloss to the hair care routine. You are sure to fall in love with your new look once you know how to lighten dark brown hair with box dye.

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