Best Auburn Hair Dye 2021

Experimenting with colour shades have become a new normal. People worldwide love to try different hair colour shades which adds more drama to their personality. Auburn hair dye became much popular because of movie personalities like Emma stone. Mainly known for flaunting her auburn hair look in many


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Experimenting with colour shades have become a new normal. People worldwide love to try different hair colour shades which adds more drama to their personality. Auburn hair dye became much popular because of movie personalities like Emma stone. Mainly known for flaunting her auburn hair look in many movies.

Out of such various shades, Auburn hair dye is becoming a Centre of attraction nowadays. Auburn hair dye is a mixture of orange-brown-red hue, which can make a person go gaga! You can achieve the shade of your choice. All you have to do is choose the right one which is suitable for you.

So, in this article, we’ve got you covered everything you should know before going to Auburn from choosing the best auburn hair colour dye to tips to maintain it. Stay with us till the end, follow the guide, and you are good to go.

What is Auburn Hair?

Auburn hair comes from the red colour family, which is a mix of red-orange-brown hair colour hues. No matter if you have undertones that are warm or cool, this colour has the characteristics to look good on anyone.

In the market, you will have a choice to choose from varieties of range like copper tone to a chestnut.

Is it Possible to Dye Auburn at Home?

Absolutely yes, it is entirely possible for you to hair dye red at home by going through varieties of ranges. One has to make sure he chooses the one which is suitable for them.

If Your Hair is Naturally Darker than the Colour of Auburn?

If your hairs are naturally of a darker shade, you need to lighten your hair shade before moving out to dye auburn. It may involve the use of bleach but can be done using conventional and no chemical way, but that would take time. Choosing the right method depends upon you.

If Your Hair Shade is Lighter than the Shade You Desire?

If your shade is lighter than Auburn’s shade, and you have a lighter skin tone. Then nothing to worry about, follow the procedure written behind the hair dye box.

We’ve gone through various auburn hair dye products available in the market and tried to give you a deep insight view. So, let’s get started.

8 Best Auburn Hair Dyes

1. L’Oréal Préférence Infinia Hair Dye

It is suitable for people who want long-lasting luscious hair. It is also for people seeking to have auburn highlights. If you are looking for a dye that can last long, then this is the answer. It is a beautiful warm auburn dye. People with dark brown shade hair who tried it ended up having an extraordinary depth of colour.

It consists of copper-auburn hues which have multidimensional undertones. It also comes up with a colour extender so that the colour can brighten back in between the dye. Moreover, it comes up with a good fragrance that will enhance your colouring experience.

People who tried this had loads of positive feedback that it lasts longer and is better than many shades available in the market.

2. Schwarzkopf Colour Expert, Auburn Brown

It consists of omega flex, which is responsible for improving micro bonds’ strength within the hair fibre, during and after applying the dye.

People who tried this resulted having extraordinary colour results and improved hair quality.

One good reason to use this product is that it takes deep care of your hair and is easy to detangle.

It does not come with gloves, so before dyeing buy one from any local store.

The colour might look brown at first, but it gets red with each wash. This product will make your hair soft and shiny and give you the look you desire.

3. Garnier Nutrisse Creme Colour, Chestnut Auburn

This one is suitable for people who have dark brown as the natural shade of their hair. It will give a rich, dark, auburn colour hue. When applied to the brown hair, it became darker than the examples given on the box. It turns out to be a shade close to cherry brown then deep Auburn. That gave an indication that your base hair matters when using this product.

People who tried this had natural-looking colour results. That lasted for a more extended period. It gave eight weeks for protection against dryness, on the same hand nourishing the hair.

4. Revlon Colorsilk Bright Auburn

This product is suitable for people who have light brown/blonde as their natural shade. It is a permanent hair colouring option that includes Revlon 3D colour gel technology, which is responsible for giving the hair a rich and dimensional natural look that can last longer.

The dye comes up with a vibrant shade. If your hair is dark blonde, you may end up having a strawberry blonde hair shade. It will make your hair silky and easily manageable. If you have long hair, you may need two boxes to cover your entire head.

5. Clairol Nice’ n Easy Crème, Light Auburn

It is suitable for people who have warm tones. It is a comfortable and lovely dye that can help you colour your hair at home. It comes with no Ammonia hence making it less harmful for your hair. It will cover 100% of your grey hair, resulting in a natural look that lasts longer.

6. John Frieda Precision Foam, Dark Reddish Brown

This one is suitable for people who seek to have long-lasting colour and have dark tones. Suppose you are wondering how to get a salon-quality rich hair colour done at your home. This hair dye is your answer; it will give a rich auburn colour look that you desire.

It gives a deep saturation colour to your hair when its non-drip foam enters your hair strands-resulting in presenting a colour that lasts long. The product is convenient to use, which results in giving a glossy, shiny look after drying.

7. Casting Creme Gloss Berry Red Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you love eating strawberries, then you would also love having a hue similar to that. This semi-permanent hair dye within half an hour will give you a vibrant shade. That will not only provide the desired shade but will also make your hair silky and healthy.

8. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Dye in Natural Rich Auburn

If you are new to colouring your hair red, then this might be the perfect solution you can opt for. It comes with the pro-keratin spray formula that results in giving a rich red hair look, adding more shine to your hair and increasing its strength. Your hair will be more hydrated than before, and strands will become stronger. It will cover 100% of your grey hair and will result in giving a natural hair look.


So, we’ve discussed various hair products for different hair colour shades, from the product with 100% grey coverage to the product with a permanent hair dyeing solution. We covered all the kinds of stuff which make your job a lot easier and handier.

Now, when you’ve gone through the various hair products, one can opt. Please choose the one which you think is best for you. We’ve discussed multiple aspects which are responsible for going to Auburn. By following our guide, you can have natural yet effective looking auburn shade hair at the tip of your finger. It’s you responsible for hair, so make the decision that is in the best interest of you.

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