7 Best Curly Perm For Black Hair

Haircare plays an indispensable role in our day to day life and social functioning. In this daily hustle, we shouldn’t ignore hair care at all. Now, if you have Black hair, you already know they come in glorious textures. It can be curly as well as coily. However, when it’s time for a new look,


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Haircare plays an indispensable role in our day to day life and social functioning. In this daily hustle, we shouldn’t ignore hair care at all. Now, if you have Black hair, you already know it comes in glorious textures. It can be curly as well as coily. However, when it’s time for a new look, curly perms can be a chic and sleek way to change things up.

To get started, we need to understand what Perms are?

As the name suggests, a perm is permanent. A Curly perm is to curl straight hair. However, after the treatment, new hair growth comes back in its original texture.

So How Do Perms Work?

Chemicals are used to change the hair texture in perm. Traditionally, before putting perm lotion to set curls, a stylist will wrap hair in perm rods. Hairs are dried as much as possible after lotion sits and stylists rinse it out, and a neutralizer is used to halt the perming process.

However, nowadays, new techniques are giving perms a revival. Instead of using rods to curl the hairs, stylists might use different materials to help in catching the perfect wave. It depends on what you want and how your stylist works.

Now, what we need to look at are the best curly perms for black hair available in the market. After a lot of research, we have listed some top-rated products which are the best curly perm for black hair available in the market.

Best Curly Perm for Black Hair

Iso Perm

It is the number one choice of professionals, and it also tops the list of curly perms which is available in the market for black hair. Iso Perm gives options from normal black hair to every type of colour-treated hair. It also helps to get an extra-firm curl to normal and resistant hair.

The most special feature of Iso Perm is that it is completely damage-free perming. It is available online at Amazon. You can simply purchase it from there.

Hawaiian Silky No Base Relaxer Regular

It is also one of the top choices of professionals. It is easy to apply as it works with a neutralizing shampoo. The product comes with a rare yet special feature. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

The Hawaiian Silky No-Base Relaxer Regular also includes protective oils that prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm with an Extra Body for Normal Hair

The product is specially made for normal black hair and provides your hair with a long-lasting effect. It comes with a before and after-conditioner, which is an extra advantage that a customer gets with this product. It not only gives your hair a complete conditioning effect but also shields you from dryness, frizz, and other damaging effects, thus ensuring long-lasting curls and shine & helps you to create the best curly hairstyle.

Zotos Quantum Platinum Perm for One Application

The Zotos Quantum Platinum Perm provides soft, supportive waves and defined curls. Its reconstructive pre-treatment strengthens your fragile hair and improves your curls and shine. It is made of an equalizer 3-conditioner for even and predictable curl formation, which, in turn, protects your hair from getting damaged.

Ogilvie Home Perm, Extra Body 1 Application

One of the best perms available in the market is Ogilvie Home Perm. It has a long-lasting effect, and it helps in getting smooth curls and waves in the hair. This perm comes with a before and after conditioner, which ensures that your curls are smooth and wavy. It also protects hair from dryness and frizziness that turns out to be a plus point for the customers.

Ogilvie Perm for Normal Hair

This product is for the transition from hard to wave hair. The thing which makes this product different from others is that it has a heat-activated formula with a dip guard. It is meant for one time only, which is a slight disadvantage, but besides that, Ogilvie Perm works like a charm. It conditions your hair from the roots and ensures the salon looks at home. The conditioners present in the Perm makes it easier to attain the desirable wavy look.

Zotos Warm and Very Gentle Perm

As the name suggests, it is a warm but very gentle perm which is one of the best products from Zotos. It perms your hair effectively and also takes care of your hair from getting damaged. With Biotin & Vitamin B6, the Zotos Perm ensures optimum growth of your hair and shields it from damage.

These were some of the best-rated products available in the market that you can try for your black hair for best results. Now the question arises what we should consider while choosing the best perms? There are plenty of things that one should keep in mind while choosing a perm for their hair.

Many people with black hair know the difficulty they face in finding the right product. So for the customers, there are some instructions that they can follow while getting a perm for their black hair.

Follow Instructions While Getting a Perm for Black Hair

Types of Hair

Not all types of hair are the same. Every kind of hair has different needs when it comes to perm. All products state the method of use for different hair types. Users should also be knowledgeable about their hair type before purchasing a particular product and before applying the product to themselves.


All the perms come with clear instructions on how you have to use them. Without actually knowing how to use a product, and without having the right knowledge when it comes to timing or quantities that should be taken, you might end up turning your hair worse. A user needs to go through the instruction manual before using the product for the first time for their safety.

Reading instruction helps in keeping away unwanted problems such as damaged hair and skin rashes. These should be good enough reasons for a person to go through the user manual and gather the proper information on the perm process.


Generally, all the ingredients used for the formulation are over the packaging of the product. However, the user must know the ingredients in the product that they are going to use. That is how a user can make the most out of their products. It will help you compare and secure the extra nourishment ingredients, apart from the ingredients which offer great hold. The process of perming the hair is a bit stressful process, and these ingredients can help nourish it back to the normal pH level.

These were some considerations that a person should keep in mind before choosing a Perm for her. It is necessary since a good perm is the only thing that can help your hair to stay healthy even after the treatment.

The bottom line

That was our article on the Best Curly Perm for Black Hair. As you know, the primary motive of the information mentioned above is to help you find the product that offers you the desired results. We need to understand that it is necessary to have a clear understanding and vision of what makes a perm great and what enables it to stay our hair healthy for the long term. Some of the natural ingredients like essential oils can be very beneficial for your hair health.

A better perm will always take care of your hair from getting damaged and will provide results according to your need. It is just that a consumer should take care of the things which are mentioned in the articles such as what perm to use, what should be taken care of while choosing a Perm. The stylist also plays an important role. A balanced formulation is the only thing that leads towards great perms and natural hair that looks good and with no long-term issues.

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