How To Deep Condition 4c Hair

It is common knowledge that 4C hair is always drier than most. It needs more care and specific 4C deep conditioners for them. Deep conditioning is a step ahead of just regular conditioning. It helps your hair heal and regains the moisture it has lost. Moreover, it helps your hair become softer and l


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It is common knowledge that 4C hair is always drier than most. It needs more care and specific 4C deep conditioners for them. Deep conditioning is a step ahead of just regular conditioning. It helps your hair heal and regains the moisture it has lost. Moreover, it helps your hair become softer and lock in the moisture for longer. Deep conditioners help your 4C hair become more manageable and avoids unnecessary breakage.

Benefits Of Deep Conditioning 4c Hair

1. Natural Shine

It helps restore the shine that your hair has. It also helps your hair shine more than usual because the deep conditioner coats your hair and smoothes out the cuticle well. Deep conditioners for 4C hair penetrate deep within your hair shaft and make sure that it is extremely conditioned and moisturised. This helps your hair look shinier and smoother.

2. Prevents Hair Damage

Deep conditioning allows your hair to have more elasticity and moisture retention. This is a great blessing because it helps you to style and manipulate your hair in more hairstyles than usual. It also prevents things like split ends, dry hair, brittle hair and easy hair breakage. Even if you feel your hair is in its best health, deep condition, your 4C hair.

3. Adds Moisture

Adding moisture to your 4C hair is the most important thing. It helps keep your hair from breaking easily. It also helps your hair be more malleable. Things like dry hair and dandruff can be eliminated by deep conditioning your hair. Deep conditioning also allows your hair to hold moisture for longer.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask is a great deep conditioner because it has aqua a.k.a. water as its first ingredient. This will help your hair have utmost moisture.

4. Colour Treated Hair

Colour treated hair needs a lot of conditioning. This is because it opens up your hair cuticles and also causes your hair to fray faster than usual. The best way to get your hair to be shiny, soft and bouncy is to deep condition your hair right after you have received a colour treatment.

This will help your hair close your cuticles, replace the much-needed moisture, oils and proteins which will help your hair keep the colour for longer. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to deep conditioning your curly hair after colour treating it. This will put the moisture, oils and protein back in your hair.

Steps To On How To Apply The Deep Conditioner To Your 4c Hair

1. Wash Hair Thoroughly

Wash your hair thoroughly before applying a deep conditioner. Preferably a clarifying wash, because that will help your hair get rid of all the product build-up. Once the product build-up has been washed off, and your hair is damp, section your hair. Make sure you have detangled your hair properly.

Mizani Scalp Care Deep Conditioner is one of the best when it comes to a troubled scalp. More often than not, 4C hair is troubled with psoriasis, and one can manage this with a deep conditioner.

2. Apply Deep Conditioner

Apply the deep conditioner, section wise. It is always advisable to make four big sections and then make smaller sections to apply the conditioner/mask. Also, always comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb, so that the conditioner is evenly spread. Avoid applying it to your roots, as they weigh it down. Apply from mid-lengths to the ends, that is also where most of the damage occurs.

3. Cover Hair

Covering your hair after applying the deep conditioner is a good practice. Covering it up with a shower cap or a damp hot towel helps your hair cuticles open up and absorb more of the deep conditioner. If you have a shower cap on, just turn on your hair dryer on low heat and run it over your shower cap covered head.

4. Wait

Deep conditioners show the best results if kept in for longer. Anywhere between 20 mins to an hour or more are advisable. That way, your 4C hair can absorb all the goodness and also have time to saturate itself with the deep conditioner.

5. Rinse & Style

Once you have waited the desired time, wash out the deep conditioner with cool water, never warm or hot. The reason is that hot or warm water opens your hair cuticles, which will cause your hair to lose the goodness of the deep conditioner. Cool water closes off the hair cuticles and that in turn locks in all the moisture, protein and fatty goodness.

Porosity And Deep Conditioning – How It Works

Porosity is what determines how much moisture your hair can absorb and retain. It determines whether you should or shouldn’t deep condition your hair. Low porosity hair is recommended to deep condition more often because that will help your hair absorb more nourishment. It will also help your hair come back to normal porosity. High porosity hair is trickier to deep condition. You have to understand what your hair needs, is it moisture or protein. Hence, deep conditioning high porosity hair has to be done more thoughtfully.

Deep Conditioning For Natural Hair – Tips

No Co-wash: Using a deep conditioner as a co-wash is a big no. The reason is, deep conditioners cause an immense build up if they are left in the hair. They can also cause damage to your hair. Co-washes are specially formulated for co-washing your 4C hair.

  1. Steaming: Steaming your hair with the deep conditioner applied is a great step. It helps the cuticles absorb more goodness from the deep conditioner. Steaming also helps your hair cuticles open up and take in the water as an added moisture. It helps in improving the elasticity of the hair.
  2. No Overdoing: Overdoing your deep conditioner is a stern no. Leaving your deep conditioner for longer than usual can cause build-up or even cause your hair to have hygral fatigue when over-conditioning happens. It can cause your hair to break and snap because it can have protein overload.
  3. Application: Application of the deep conditioner at the ends of your 4C hair is essential. Because the ends of your hair have more damage than usual, never apply on your scalp unless needed; otherwise, it will weigh down your hair. Always start from the bottom of your hair to the mid-lengths.
  4. Heat: Yes, heat, but not the kinds which will damage your hair and curls. The kinds which will help your hair cuticles open up and absorb the deep conditioner’s goodness. Like a warm oil, massage works better for your hair, the same way a warm deep conditioner works better for your hair.


Deep conditioners can be store-bought or whipped up at home, but your 4C hair should be deep conditioned to have its lustrousness, not ruined.

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