Loc Method In 4c Hair – Best Hair Moisturizing Tips

The LOC method stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream. This method helps your hair be moisturized for longer. Especially 4C hair which needs more moisture and help. The LOC method on natural hair helps the hair be styled and retain its moisture and curls for longer. The best way to go about this method is


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The LOC method stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream. This method helps your hair be moisturized for longer. Especially 4C hair which needs more moisture and help. The LOC method on natural hair helps the hair be styled and retain its moisture and curls for longer. The best way to go about this method is to first understand your hair.

What is your Hair Type?                              

How do you understand your 4C hair? It is a science and in science, you experiment. The same way you use different products to come across what works best for your hair. Read on to know more.

LOC Method for 4C Natural hair
LOC Method for 4C Natural hair

Why Does The Loc Method Work For 4c Hair?

This method works for 4C hair because it takes into consideration how it has to layer the products and make your natural hair retain maximum moisture. This method puts liquid first because the liquid is the biggest moisturiser and more importantly water is. Liquid mostly stands for water here.

Use a product that has water or aqua as its first ingredient. Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Moisturiser is a great product because it has water as its first ingredient and it also has argan oil.  The second step applies to oil, a lightweight moisturizing oil like Hollywood Beauty Soy Oil it has great absorption and you only need a little bit to go a long way. And last but not the least, a cream to lock in and seal the cuticle.

The cream is used last because it is heavy and it helps both the oil and water stay inside the hair cuticle for longer. Good hair cream for 4C hair will not weigh down the hair but actually, help it become better with time. A good leave-in conditioner is As I Am Leave-In Conditioner it has water, coconut and amla, all of which help your hair become softer, more elastic and easier to manage.

Some things to keep in mind, while following this method.

Water Is The Best Moisturizer

Water is a great moisturizer, the best in fact. The hair will always absorb water no matter what your hair porosity is. But the problem arises because your hair dried out. After all, water evaporates and even a little amount of it doesn’t remain. That is where the other two steps come in handy.

4c hair oil - Oil Is A Helper
4c hair oil

Oil Is A Helper

Oil helps the water stay inside your hair. It acts as a protector of the water because oil doesn’t mix with water. Use oils that penetrate the hair shaft, coconut oil, avocado oils are the oils that go into your hair. Mamado Avocado Oil is a great oil for your 4C hair and the LOC method.

Cream It!

The cream helps to lock in all this goodness of the water and the oil. A good moisturising cream will help you be perfect, especially if you are staying in harsh winter climates. A good Shea butter will help your hair be in a much better condition.

Try Our Below Moisturising Cream for 4C Hair:

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What Do You Do When Loc Method For 4c Hair Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes the LOC method may not work. It usually means that you are either doing something wrong or you may not have kept a few of these things in mind. Below is the list of things you should know in case you are struggling with the LOC method for your 4C hair.

Not Enough Water:

Not having enough water is one of the biggest issues in your LOC routine. Look for products that have water in the first five ingredients. If it doesn’t then you know that it isn’t the right product for you. You can also use just plain water, that way you know what you are using. Plain water is the best option for your hair.

Product Build-up:

If your hair is dry after doing the whole LOC routine then your hair is most likely to have a ton of product build-up. This means your hair has reached its saturation point. You will have to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. A good clarifying shampoo is Twisted Sista Clarifying Curl Cleanser Sachet if you don’t wish to invest in the big bottle.

Wrong Hairstyles

Wrong Hairstyles:

Wrong hairstyles contribute to moisture loss and a lot of dryness. A protective hairstyle will keep your hair better and also retain moisture in your hair. You can also help your hair retain moisture by covering it up. Buns, twists, braids and wigs are a great way to keep your hair protected and also avoid moisture loss. Keeping your hair far too often will make your hair dry and matted as well.

Water Quality:

Your natural 4C hair is largely affected by the quality of water. Hard water generally causes hair to be rough and difficult to retain any moisture. There are minerals in hard water that cause your hair to have mineral build-up. The best way to tackle this is by either installing a water softener in your house or faucet filters also help.

Wrong Sectioning Of Hair:

If you section your hair wrong or make dissimilar sections, then product application is always going to be an issue. Always make sure you have made equal large sections. Then you divide these sections more and apply your product to your 4C hair.

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Hair Porosity, Loc Method And 4c Hair

High Porosity

High porosity hair means it absorbs moisture really well but it dries out just as fast. So, to make use of that, you should choose to layer your hair according to the LOC method. High porosity hair will always absorb more water than needed, which makes the hair puffy and oversaturated, so to avoid this, use a lightweight absorbent oil that will make sure your natural hair absorbs only the amount needed and then the oil seals it.

The cream then closes the exposed cuticles and also locks in the much-needed moisture for your high porosity hair. Creams which have Shea butter will be great for your hair.

Medium Porosity

Since this type of porosity is the ideal porosity for any hair, it retains moisture well, so you can use any styling method you like.

Low Porosity

Low porosity hair takes time to absorb moisture but when it does, it retains it well. The LOC method is great for this type of hair. But heed caution because low porosity hair can be weighed down since many a time the product is left on top of the hair. So, clarifying often is a good practice.


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