How to Use Argan Oil for Natural 4C Hair

Would you like to know How to Use Argan Oil for Natural 4C Hair? and what are the benefits? Nowadays, due to high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and negligence towards health care, most people take hair shedding and breakage as normal. In return, when it comes to choosing products for hair c


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Would you like to know How to Use Argan Oil for Natural 4C Hair? and what are the benefits? Nowadays, due to high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and negligence towards health care, most people take hair shedding and breakage as normal. In return, when it comes to choosing products for hair care, we are often confused. Due to the wide availability, people often wonder what hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, or other hair care product they should go for.

This confusion creates a mess at your house as you buy different products for different solutions. In this case, you can always rely on Argan oil. If you have never heard of Argan oil, the article will help you know the benefits of using it, how to use argan oil for natural 4C hair and what products are there for you regarding the same.

Before we get to the benefits and the methodology, let us know about Argan Oil first.

Roots of Argan Oil

The Argan oil comes from the northeast of the city of Agadir in Morocco. It is derived from an endangered species named as Argania Spinosa. It has been used for hair and skin care for thousands of years now.  In 1550 BC, the ancient Greeks used it as hair and skin moisturizers.

Due to the presence of phenols, Vitamins A, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, rich protein, and minerals, it is highly used by the local Moroccans to beautify their skin and heal bodies.

Argan oil is rich in fatty acids that improve the skin tone, elasticity, and the original properties of your body. It is more stable than Olive oil and has got a longer shelf life.

Five ways to use Argan Oil for Natural 4C hair are:

Hair salon treatment

As a Hair Mask

Most of the hair breaks at night due to the friction between your hair strands and the cotton pillow cover. In this case, using argan oil as a hair mask can be a great option. Just take a sufficient amount of oil on your palms and rub that onto your hair, covering it with a shower cap. This will allow the hair to absorb argan oil completely over the night. On the next morning, make sure you rinse out the oil nicely for its benefits. Over time you will notice that the hair fall at night is reduced exponentially.

As a Shampoo

The shampoo will help to gain back the smoothness and shine lost by your hair. Moreover, these argan oil-enriched shampoos are known for their colour retention properties. They help you retain your hair colour for a longer period even after shampooing regularly.

While shower, use the shampoo well along your hair length and rinse it off nicely and thoroughly with a gentle massage of your fingertips. You will get back your strong and shiny hair in no time.

As a Leave-in Conditioner

Unlike normal hair conditioners, leave-in hair conditioners stay in your hair roots for a longer period. Unless you wash your hair again, your hair can enjoy the benefits of the same. Therefore, adding argan oil to your leave-in conditioner will increase the benefits by many folds.

Products like Hollywood Beauty Argan Leave-in Conditioner can be another alternative too. Conditioners like these already contain manually extracted Argan tree nuts extracts. Moreover, they can be used for any hair type or any gender.

The antioxidants present in the oil prevents your hair from any further possible damage by your hair styling equipment or the exposed heat and pollution.

As a Hair Cream

Apart from the methods mentioned above, Argan oil can be a part of your hair care routine as a hair cream. Simply, use it daily by adding it to your hair cream or as oil directly.

Apply the hair cream after you have dried out your wet hair with a towel completely. Take some cream mixed in argan oil on your palms and rub them for some time. Run your palms covering all your hair and use your fingertips to style them nicely. You can also use a hairbrush to style the same.

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Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil has a wide range of benefits. Those who are suffering from receding hairlines, dandruff, and hair breakage can use the oil to restore their hair volume.

Following Are the Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Natural Hair

High Penetration Properties:

Argan Oil has high penetration properties. It nourishes the hair roots efficiently and also improves hair growth. Thus, better results can be achieved when combined with a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in hair conditioner will help argan oil stay in long until you take your next shower.

Beneficial Chemistry of Argan Oil

The oil contains phenols, carotenes, squalene, diverse vitamins like B1, B2, B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other minerals. These help to repair hair roots and enhance their elasticity for strength. Apart from that, the ingredients like fatty acids present in oil have also proved beneficial for healing skin too.

MOISTURIZER - Clean skin woman with face cream

Moisturises your Hair

Loss of hair moisture can lead to dry and rough hair. This, in turn, results in hair breakage and receding of the hairline. Argan oil hydrates the rough and frizzy hair, thus improving the hair volume.

Stabilize the pH Level

Unbalanced pH levels can cause your hair follicles to grow weak over time. Argan Oil maintains the pH level on your hair scalp helping your hair grow in a controlled and proper way. The maintained pH level ensures the healthy growth of your hair.

Nourishes the Hair

It increases your hair softness, helping you comb them easily and stylishly. It also improves the shine of your hair, curing the dullness of your hair strands. The fatty acids present in the oil ensures the growth of thick and healthy hair. Moreover, the ingredients of the oil work great against issues like dermatitis, itchiness, and clogged pores, dry scalp, and slow growth.

Suitable for All Hair Types

It doesn’t clog up your hair pores like some other oils, hence can be used for dry scalps too. Any gender can use it with any hair type.

Repair Damage From Dyes, Straighteners, Hot Rods and Irons

Argan oil also repairs the damage done by the hair dyes. The benefits are not only limited to the durability of dyes, but it also repairs your hair damage from straighteners, coiling irons, and hot rods.

Perfect Healer

The oil not only repairs the damage done to your hair but also it encourages your hair growth. It clears the clogs in your hair pores and helps them grow thick and strong. It restores the shine and softness of your hair, maintaining its moisture and pH level.

Apart from that, regular use of Argan oil for Natural 4C hair ensures that you grow more follicles than you lose in a day. This is how it takes care of your hair and puts an end to your hair loss problem.

Sun Rays
Sun Rays

Protections Against Uv

Unlike other hair oils, argan also protects your natural 4C hair from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. It keeps the moisture locked in your hair and does not let the UV rays damage your hair.

Longer Shelf Life

Argan oil can sustain a period of 6 months under dark easily. In dark and controlled cooling conditions, the molecules of the oil do not disintegrate and maintain their properties.

After being there for more than a century, Argan oil has proved its worth as a perfect option for treating various ailments and revitalizing the natural 4C hair growth. The contents of argan oil are the best to promote hair growth, repair damage, unclog hair follicles, protect against UV and pollution, and whatnot. When you get it all in one, why go for tons of different hair products.

If you have been using Argan oil already, continue to do so. If you have not yet, make sure you do.


You are now aware of how to use argan oil for natural 4C hair and the benefits of the oil to revive your hair. The tips, as mentioned above, will ensure that your hair grows to its full potential naturally. Try to incorporate these tips into your hair care routine and avoid hair damage.

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