4 Best Protein Treatments For 4C Hair

Does your natural 4C hair experience split end? Do you feel dry and brittle 4C hair? Aren’t your curls appearing beautiful? This means your 4C hair needs protein because this hair type is the most fragile one. 4C natural hair requires the most looking after and taking care of. Our natural hair is ma


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Does your natural 4C hair experience split end? Do you feel dry and brittle 4C hair? Aren’t your curls appearing beautiful? This means your 4C hair needs protein because this hair type is the most fragile one. 4C natural hair requires the most looking after and taking care of.

Our natural hair is made up of a protein known as keratin. Due to day to day maintenance and styling, product build-up, constant use of heat appliances and sun exposures, our hair strands become depleted of this essential protein gradually.

4c curly hair

If you find that your hair doesn’t seem moisturised or your hairstyle isn’t turning out the way it wanted, all these signs show that your hair needs protein. Here comes the role of a protein treatment. Beyond washing, deep conditioning, and styling, the protein treatment is an excellent way to take care of and protect our 4C hair.

This treatment ensures that your hair remains healthy and shiny throughout by nourishing and strengthening your 4C hair.

A protein treatment is done after washing your hair with shampoo and before applying a rinse-out conditioner or deep conditioner. This treatment contains essential strengthening ingredients such as keratin, amino acids, and hydrolysed protein.

Deep Conditioning 4C Hair

During this treatment, these essential ingredients fill the gaps between the hair follicles and harden the cuticle layer, which repairs the damaged hair and protects it from further damage. Make sure that this treatment penetrates your hair ends fully because it is the most fragile and damaged portion of your hair strands.

Understanding the level of your hair porosity is equally important because it will help you decide on a protein treatment.

4C hair means your hair is curly, wavy, and coiled. This hair type requires a perfect blend of proteins, moisture, nutrients, and oils. Protein treatment helps to create this balance and adds strength and resiliency to 4C hair.

All protein treatments are not the same, so you must choose the best protein treatments for 4C hair. There are several types of protein treatment specifically designed to cater for your specific needs so choose accordingly to your hair needs. Here in this article, we have listed some best protein treatments for 4C hair.

Best Protein Treatments for 4c Hair

1. Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment

Aphogee Two-step Protein Treatment is the perfect solution for damaged 4C natural hair. This treatment provides long-lasting and effective results than any other intensive conditioner or single-step treatment. It is a unique treatment that is formulated with activated magnesium and proteins which gets deposited in the hair strands by applying heat. This powerful treatment will soften those dry and brittle hair strands and restore the hair’s elasticity which gets damaged by excessive use of heat and chemicals. It will rebuild the broken, damaged 4C hair and bring life back into your hair within 4-6 weeks.

This pack is sulphate free, which ensures that the natural oils, moisture, and colour don’t get stripped off from your hair. During the process, this treatment hardens your hair, which creates an excitement that something special is going to happen as the final result. For better results, use a hooded dryer or steamer cap.

Aphogee two step protein treatment packs provide an astounding result once your hair is properly rinsed and moisturised. This protein treatment is highly recommended for 4C hairs because they become too fine or weak to take a straightener, relaxer, bleach, or perm. You can also go for this treatment if your hair breaks when brushed or combed. Aphogee two-step protein treatment is one of the best treatments if your 4C hair has lost its curl pattern due to excessive application of chemicals or is over-bleached.

2. Aphogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor

Aphogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor is a very popular protein treatment that contains hydrolysed proteins, fatty alcohols, emulsifiers, and water. This 2-minute keratin reconstructor is a one-step treatment that helps to prevent breakage and protects the hair by adding strength and reducing the split ends from the damaged 4C hair.

Aphogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor is a concentrated blend of powerful ingredients such as vitamin oils, botanical oils, and keratin amino acids that are specifically designed for tinted, bleached or chemically treated straightened hair strands to help restore softness and strength to your hair by penetrating the hair shaft. This treatment product helps repair damage caused by hard water and chlorine.

Apply the reconstructor mask on your clean hair and rinse it off to treat dry and brittle hair with moderate breakage and damaged cuticles. This treatment product can also be applied after each shampoo. Doing this will help you restore the healthy condition of the damaged hair and soothes the irritated scalp.

Best Protein Treatments

3. Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

Cantu Deep Treatment Masque offers intense deep conditioning to strengthen dry and damaged hair. This masque is Cantu formulated made up of 100% pure shea butter and essential oils with no chemicals or harsh ingredients. The masque helps restore and strengthen your hair’s authentic structure and beauty.

Cantu deep treatment masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft and retains the moisture keeping 4C hair moisturised and healthy.

The masque will help your hair survive in hot and humid climates by locking the moisture. Embrace your natural wavy, kinky, or curly hair with this sulphate-free Cantu hair masque.

This treatment hair masque is free of mineral oils, silicone, gluten, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, DEA, PABA, propylene glycol or paraffin. It making it gentle for all hair textures and curls patterns because it penetrates the hair follicles making it strong and healthy.

Apply this deep treatment masque on your dry and damaged hair to generously clean and moisturise damp and dull hair. This masque also increases hair elasticity by reducing hair breakage.

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Best Protein Treatments

4. Groganics Daily Topical Scalp Treatment

Groganics Daily Topical Scalp Treatment is also one of the best protein treatment products that offer a cooling sensation to the hair scalp. This treatment stimulates the blood flow by delivering the essential nutrients to the roots and hair follicles. It protects the hair by offering nourishing extracts directly to the hair roots which stimulates the hair follicles and adds strength to it.

You can apply this masque daily to enjoy the maximum benefits. This topical scalp treatment is used to treat severe thinning and advance hair loss because it blocks DHT.

Which allows the hair follicles to grow stronger and thicker with its consistent application. The DHT blocker system contains the essential natural ingredients to attack and freeze DHT. Which slowly strengthen the hair follicles and promotes healthier hair for men and women. The treatment also moisturises and conditions the hair strands and scalp by relieving the problem of itchy scalps.

Protein treatments are great for 4C natural hair. It maintains the natural balance of essential nutrients, proteins, and oils by restoring hair elasticity. This treatment should not be used regularly.

You can use these protein treatments at least once a month to restore and retain the moisture in the hair. To enjoy the best result, follow these treatments with deep conditioning and a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture.

Choose any of the protein treatments as mentioned above for 4C hair and improve your hair health. These are some of the best protein treatment products that offer overall growth and strength to your 4C natural hair.

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