How to Wash Synthetic Hair – 7 Effective Steps

Would you like to know how to wash synthetic hair? Here we give 7 effective steps which will help you to know how can wash your wig. Hair loss apparently can have a significant impact on our personality and psyche. Hair is not only an extension on our head but is a part of our


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Would you like to know how to wash synthetic hair? Here we give 7 effective steps which will help you to know how can wash your wig.

Hair loss apparently can have a significant impact on our personality and psyche. Hair is not only an extension of our head but is a part of our personality. It not only makes us look attractive and attractive to others but to ourselves also.

It plays a very important and positive role in our self-image. Due to an imbalance in our sleep and diet, due to genetic or medical conditions, or due to stress, we start losing our hair. It has become a common problem in most of our lives.

To overcome this problem, there are some best solutions such as hormone therapy, hair implantation, the use of synthetic wigs, and more. Out of all the solutions, the use of synthetic wigs is the safest and easiest one with no side effects.

All love synthetic wigs. The best thing about these fake wigs or synthetic wigs is that they require very low maintenance and care. It allows you to have perfect hair all day long with no effort.

The fake wigs make you feel crazy confident, soft and fabulous. After some days you find that the synthetic hairs at the neck portion start looking frizzy and the cap feels oily. This means you need to wash synthetic wigs. It is not that easier to care for your synthetic wig. To increase the overall lifespan of your wig and get the most wear out of it, you need to care for it properly.

The problem actually arises when you are not aware of the facts like how to wash synthetic hair or wig.

How often should you wash a synthetic wig
Wigs head

How Often Should You Wash a Synthetic Wig?

Washing a wig depends on how often you wear it. If you are wearing it daily, you should wash the synthetic wig at least once a week. Generally, you are asked to wash it after 15-20 wear’s that are in between 2-3 weeks. But if you apply heavy makeup daily or wear it every day, then you should wash it more often.

If you stay in a hot, humid climate, or around strong odours, perfume, or heavy smoke, you should wash your wigs frequently.

In this detailed guide, we will provide you with all the knowledge related to how to wash synthetic hair and the tip you need to keep in mind for washing wigs.

Seven Steps on How to Wash Synthetic Hair

Gather all the essential items

1. Gather All the Essential Items

When you think of washing a synthetic wig, you need the right tools and products to get started. For a successful washing experience, you need:

  • A wig comb or brush
  • A sink or basin and fill it with cold water
  • A wig stand
  • Wig shampoo and conditioner. You can use African essence wig shampoo, which is specially designed to clean and remove excess oil and dirt from synthetic hairs. It will help in revitalizing the natural look, softness, and shine of the wig
  • A clean towel

2. Remove the Tangles

Before you start washing the synthetic wig, take a clear look at it and find the knots if any. Use a wig comb to brush your wig gently to remove the tangles. Brush the synthetic hair from top to bottom in small sections to get rid of tangles or knots easily.

Never try to remove the stubborn knots forcefully. Being too harsh with the tangles will cause damage to the wig cap and pull out the hair fibres from it.

Try Below Wig Brushes to Remove Tangles from Wigs:

3. Soak

Now you need to fill up the basin or sink with cold water. Add one to two tablespoons of shampoo to the water and mix it properly so that the shampoo gets mixed in water. Immerse the wig completely in water for 4-5 minutes. Do not scrub the wig, and let it soak. Handle the wig gently to avoid any tangles in the hair.

4. Drain Out

After soaking your wig for five minutes, remove it from water. You are recommended to gently dip the wig up and down in the water.

Run your fingers over the wig cap edges. Focus mainly on the areas where there are makeup stains, sweat or dirt on the cap. Make sure you rub it gently so that the hand-tied strands do not loosen.

5. Rinse

Rinse your wig with cold water until all the shampoo gets washed out. Do not squeeze the water from the synthetic wig.

6. Apply Conditioner

Once you have washed your wig thoroughly with water, condition the synthetic hairs to restore the original style and pattern it. Conditioning the wig with synthetic wig conditioner will make it last longer and look great as before.

The specially designed conditioner contains specially blended oils that help in bringing out the mobility and lustre of the hair fibres and soften dryness.

Take a small amount of conditioner in your hand and apply it gently to the complete length of the hair. Do not apply conditioner on the wig cap. You can also mix one to two tablespoons of conditioner with cold water. Pour this fresh solution into a spray bottle and mix it well. Spray the conditioner solution on the hair fibres. Rinse your wig again with cold water.

7. Dry the Wig Completely

Try to be very gentle with your wig when wet. Squeezing or scrubbing out the excess water from the wig will result in stretching the hair fibres and ruining its style. Never try to comb the synthetic hairs when wet as this will pull out the hairs from the wig cap.

Instead of this, place the wig on a towel and pat dry the excess water. Hang the wig loosely on a wig stand and allow it to dry at room temperature.

Do not place the wig on a mannequin head or a blockhead because it will stretch the wig cap and it won’t fit on your head afterwards. It is advised to not use a blow dryer to dry the wig. To ensure healthy-looking and tangle-free fibres air drying is the best method.

Tips to Keep in Mind for Healthy-looking Locks

  • Never comb or brush the wig when wet.
  • Make use of those shampoos and conditioners which are specially designed for a synthetic wig.
  • Washing a wig with hot water will damage the heat-friendly fibre hairs.
  • Never use a blow dryer on your synthetic locks. Sudden bursts of heat will damage the fibres.
  • Do not perform any such activities such as swimming, showering or sleeping while wearing the synthetic wig.
  • Do not wash the wig daily.
  • Wash the wig inside a hairnet to avoid frizzy hairs if you are using a curly hair wig.
  • Gently place the wig on a wig stand or a hanger to avoid stretching out of the wig cap.
  • Only use a wig comb or a wig brush to remove the knots or tangles from the wig.
  • Do not use any heat styling appliances such as a curler or a straightener on your synthetic wig while wearing. If you are using it, make sure it is set at the lowest temperature.
  • Do not scrub or rub the synthetic hairs after washing. Pat, it with a dry and clean towel to remove excess water.
  • To increase the lifespan of your synthetic wig, maintain the hygiene of your hair.

With the steps mentioned earlier and tips, you can take good care of your synthetic wig locks and make them look amazing.

Although synthetic wigs or hair extensions might never seem as real as human hair, taking good care of it will help you increase the optimal life span of it and make it look real.


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