5 Best Ways To Curl Your Natural Afro Hair

How to curl your natural afro hair: Curly hair isn’t always curly, since we haven’t understood how to manage so much of our curly hair and moreover, we haven’t had guides or even hairdressers who have managed to cut curly hair or even style it. The European standard of straight hair became so ingrai


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How to curl your natural afro hair: Curly hair isn’t always curly, since we haven’t understood how to manage so much of our curly hair and moreover, we haven’t had guides or even hairdressers who have managed to cut curly hair or even style it.

The European standard of straight hair became so ingrained in our heads that we involuntarily started straightening and treating our hair to keep it straight. Over time, we have realized how to manage and accept curly hair. But we still falter and are lost, but fret not this guide will tell you how to go ahead and get those curls to be absolutely beautiful.

The first few things to remember when you want curly hair, you have to stop using sulphate, parabens and alcohol-laden products. They dry your hair out further. Since afro curly hair is dryer than straight hair because the sebum doesn’t travel so easily.

4c curly hair - Natural Afro Hair

Things to Choose From Before You Start on Your Curly Hair Journey

  1. Have one last wash with your sulphate and paraben laden shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Stay away from heat styling tools, they damage curls and also make hair extremely dry.
  3. Stop using products that have silicones.
  4. And never go back to using sulphates and parabens as far as possible.
  5. Invest in some good sulphate and paraben-free shampoo, conditioner, curl cream/leave-in/mousse and gel.
  6. These products should have all-natural products, this will help your hair have better texture.

The way process of getting your hair to curl is called curl training. It helps your hair to go back to the form it was initially in. Afro hair needs training many a time because it is extremely dry and needs help to go back to its original form.

The Different Ways to Curl Your Natural Afro Hair

Finger Coiling

As the name suggests. You use your fingers to coil your hair. This helps your curls be tighter. This allows you the liberty of making bigger or smaller coils. Follow the normal of shampoo and conditioner. Remember to comb and detangle your hair in the shower when there is conditioner in your hair, helps your hair break less. Once out, do not squeeze out the extra water. Divide your hair into sections and just apply some As I Am Curling Jelly Coil and Curl Definer on each section of your hair from root to tip. Using a wide-tooth comb spread it evenly through your hair. Once done, take 1-inch sections and twirl your hair around your finger and leave it. Repeat this on all your hair. Once done take World Of Curls Curl Activator Gel – Extra Dry Hair gel and emulsify it in your hair and just gently, squish it onto your curls.

Using a Brush

Using a Denman brush or a narrow-toothed comb you can enhance your curls. Follow your routine of hair wash and once you have applied your leave-in just take a Denman brush or a comb and as you comb through just twist it. Once done, hold it about an inch away from the root and just shake it a bit. One great leave-in for this process is the Taliah Waajid Children Tangles Out Today Leave-in Conditioner. It is great if your child has curly or afro hair and is absolutely impatient while their hair is being combed!

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Flexi Rods

The not so fussy and easy way of getting your hair to have a great curl pattern is using a flexi rod. They come in different sizes, so your afro doesn’t have to be damaged. These rods even work on dry or stretched hair. Flexi rods are a great curl training companion. All you need is some water, a curl enhancing smoothie Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie is a great option and some gel. Spray water on your hair, apply smoothie and gel. Wrap the strand of hair around the Flexi rod and secure it properly. Once all your hair is done, you can put on a shower cap and run a hairdryer on low heat to make your curls tighter.

Two-strand Twist

As the name suggests two-strand twists are where you take two strands of your afro hair and twist them around each other. Wash and condition your hair as usual. Blot out the extra water and apply a curl cream or a smoothie which will help your hair lock in moisture and hold the shape. Apply a coin-sized amount of gel on two fingers and start twisting the hair into a rope-like structure. Put a shower cap on for 30 mins or as per your liking and use a hairdryer on low heat to help your hair dry and retain the shape of the curls. Remove the shower cap and let your hair air dry. Once completely dry, undo the twists and your hair is perfectly curled.

Try Our Below Products for Your Curls:

Perm Rod

Yes, it sounds tedious but a perming rod set will help your hair have beautiful curls and volume. You need to have damp hair and a curling cream or smoothie. Using a perm endpaper start putting your rollers into your hair. Once done. Let it dry under a hairdryer or naturally. This will ensure a great volume. Once you open the perm rods, using a hair pick, just add volume by flicking it up!

Curly hair can be many things naming a few unpredictable, quirky, interesting, but most of all absolutely gorgeous. These are just some ways to manage your afro and make it follow the curl pattern that it had before it was damaged by sulphate shampoos and heat styling. When you are behind this journey of getting your afro to be curly and have a soft texture, remember to eat right, understand your hair and most of all know that these processes take time, so have patience. There will be good hair days and bad, so do not fret! Keep curling!

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