7 Best Tips to Straighten Afro Hair

Would you like to know How to straighten afro hair?, In this article, We are going to give you a best tips to straighten black hair. Curly and long afro hair is the best and looks amazing. Everyone tries to mix things up and is the thing with hairstyles. A lot of women try to


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Would you like to know How to straighten afro hair? In this article, We are going to give you the best tips to straighten black hair.

Curly and long afro hair is the best and looks amazing. Everyone tries to mix things up and is the thing with hairstyles. A lot of women try to achieve the afro hair look in salons that don’t have this effect on their natural hair.

You are quite lucky if you have the same amazing curly afro hair and are also familiar with the problems you had faced when it gets out of control. Just like people with straight hair want to get curls once in a while, you also want to turn your curly hair to nice and straight hair afro.

Straightening your afro hair is very difficult and leads to breakage and heat damage. You must have tried straightening your afro hair but didn’t get the actual result you wanted.

Achieving a straight, smooth, and healthy look from curly afro hair is like solving a tricky math equation. People who prefer to straighten their hair often use hot styling tools which strips off the hair moisture that leads to breakage.

The use of tools such as hot curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers makes your hair look dry and coarse and even leads to breakage.

In this article, we will tell you some best tips on how to straighten afro hair. Most of these tips will work better for finer hair texture with a bit of a wave. Whatever hair type you have, you need to sacrifice your hair health to achieve a straight hair look. Consider following these tips into your straight hair solution and get the best result.

Seven Tips to Get Straight Afro Hair

Straighten Afro Hair

1. Blow-dry Your Hair Naturally and With Cold Air

Suppose you have tried various methods of getting straight hair afro and didn’t get the desired result, trying using this method. Blow-dry your hair with a blast of cool air or natural air.

Let your hair air-dry naturally about three parts of the way. After that divide your hair into small sections so that you can reach from the roots to the tip easily. Brush or comb every inch of your hair thoroughly.

Use a blow-dryer in a cool setting. Make sure that your hair is moisturised properly before using a blow-dryer. Use a hair straightening serum or a leave-in conditioner that are specially designed to tame flyaway strands. Move the blow dryer continuously from the root to the tip keeping ii six inches away from the hair while drying.

A blow-dryer on the cool setting is highly advised because it causes less damage to your hair.

afro hair straightner - Straighten Afro Hair

2. Use Hair Straightening Products

Before you think of using any other methods or tools to get your afro hair to straighten, think of using specially designed shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, leave-in conditioning products, hair styling products.

These products are aimed at relaxing and calming your afro hair. It’s a very good thing to start with when you want to experiment with specially designed products for straight hair. These products also make it easier for you to style your hair.

You can also use smoothing serums and spray-on conditioners to coat your hair strands because it helps in relaxing your curly hair and straighten them.

3. Find the Best Hair Straighteners

All the hair straighteners are not meant to style your hair perfectly or tackle your curly afro hair. You must buy a good pair of straighteners to straighten your afro hair. Most of the straighteners don’t produce enough heat to have any effect on curly or frizzy hair.

They are meant for straight or wavy hair which needs a little bit of straightening. You can buy a GHD IV styler, which uses ceramic heat technology and works at an optimum temperature of 185˚C to offer the best hair styling along with a sleek, shiny, and long-lasting finish.

You only need to do one stroke on your curly hair to tackle the frizz and get straight hair. The best straightener ensures a good hair day all day long and total peace of mind. Make sure you get from the roots to the tip by making small sections.

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4. Nourish Your Hair With a Hair Mask

Every hair type people need to add in conditioning products when you think of straightening your hair. Especially for afro hair people, you need deep conditioning treatment to smoothen your damp hair and get it straightened.

For a straighter and shiner appearance, you can go for DIY hair mask ideas. Hair masks are used to restore the protein to the hair making your curly hair look relaxed and straight. For a deep-conditioning effect, you can make a hair mask by mixing honey, avocado and a raw egg. These ingredients are good for every hair type and will improve the texture of your afro hair.

5. Use Essential Oils for Nourishment

You can nourish your afro hair by applying essential oils to it. The use of essential oils will penetrate your hair follicles and will seal and repair the cells from inside. This will also enable you to style your afro hair easily.

You can use coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, or macadamia oil as hot-oil treatments to strengthen and infuse curls and make their straight hair without much effort. Apply the oil evenly on your hair, focusing on the hair ends. Spread it by taking a dime-sized amount of hair oil on your palms and massage it properly on your hair.

This will not only add a beautiful gloss to your afro hair but will also help it to hold the style you want.

Keratin treatment

6. Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian keratin treatment is another way of getting straight afro hair. During this treatment, keratin protein is artificially added to your hair strands to make them look shiny, smooth, and straight.

It is a semi-permanent straightening method that offers straight afro hair for 5-6 weeks or three months. In this treatment, your hair gets rebuilt by restoring the lost proteins into the hair strands.

Keratin treatment fills the porous spot with the keratin protein in your hair and acts like a super-strong deep conditioner. People with curly afro hair will get mildly straight or less curly hair after this treatment.

This treatment is mainly performed in salons by experts. Keratin treatment helps in relaxing your hair and provides a different texture with a shiny finish. It is a considered great treatment to tame the frizz and flyaway.

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7. Avoid Doing It Too Often

It’s a great feeling when you have an option to switch from one hairstyle to another and back to the same natural look.

Try not to overdo your hairstyle from afro hair to straight hair with the straightening irons. When you change your hairstyle to straight hair, your hair will stay flattened and straight for a few days or say about a week, rain permitted before the frizz starts developing in it.

Try not straightening your hair ends every day unless it’s required. Using too many heating appliances will lead to damaged hair because the straightened hair is quite fragile and is prone to breakage. Give rest to your hair from too much heat as and when possible. Straighten your hair after every hair wash or on special occasions if you want to straighten your afro hair.

Final Words

Getting your curly afro hair straight doesn’t seem that difficult. Experimenting with your hair in different ways to change the look of your hairstyle and make your hair look straight and glossy is a fun and exciting way of getting to know yourself better.

Try these tips and make your afro hair straighten. Make sure you do not overdo altering the hairstyle as it will lead to damage and hair loss. Natural curly afro hair has a distinct beauty that is loved by most people. Try to be realistic and love your hairstyle the way you have been gifted. (:


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