How To Make 4c Hair Curly – Unique Methods Guide!

How To Make 4c Hair Curly? 4C hair is quite an interesting hair type to have! You know you have curly hair but you do not know how to manage it because it has a mind of its own! More often than not, 4C hair needs to be curled after a wash. This is because


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How To Make 4c Hair Curly? 4C hair is quite an interesting hair type to have! You know you have curly hair but you do not know how to manage it because it has a mind of its own! More often than not, 4C hair needs to be curled after a wash.

This is because it doesn’t have a definitive curl pattern and turns hair into frizz. So, let us help you understand how to tame and make 4C hair curly and absolutely gorgeous.

There are quite a few ways to do it, but you have to understand and study what works for you. Read on to know more.

4c curly hair

The basics have to be done, but these are just some things that most curly-haired people follow, you can always choose to change it.

  1. No sulphates, parabens, or any sort of chemical which will dry out your hair. Curly hair is dryer than straight hair.
  2. Choose options that have natural ingredients.
  3. See the ingredients that are there on the list. Google them and educate yourself.
  4. And above all read on!

The Several Ways You Can Curl Your Hair Post a Good Wash Are Listed Below

Finger Coiling

Your fingers can work magic. Finger coiling is by far the easiest and the most versatile way for getting your hair to curl better.

It helps to have an understanding of which way your hair curls. The best way to do this is by washing your hair as usual.

Once done, come out and blot out some of the excess water but let your hair be wet enough to apply the As I Am Twist Defining Cream it helps give a great slip to your hair, which is a necessity when you are finger coiling.

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Divide your hair into four sections, apply the twist defining cream and using a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly. Once done, take one-inch sections of your hair and twist it around your finger and let it go. Repeat this all over your hair.

Once done, take a gel, preferably the World Of Curls Curl Activator Gel – Extra Dry Hair gel for applying over the curls formed. You can apply them using the praying hand’s method, after emulsifying the gel in between your palms. Once done, scrunch up your curls.

Comb Curling

Comb curling is yet another easy yet effective way of giving your hair the volume it needs. It can be done along with a narrow-toothed comb.

Wash your hair as you would. Let your hair be dripping wet. Apply a leave-in or a curl cream. Using a narrow-toothed comb take 1-inch sections of your hair and twirl it with the tip of the comb.

Make sure the cream you have put has great slip. And you can even use Aunt Jackie’s Tame My Edges Smoothing Gel to make sure your edges look like the queen that you are.

Try Below Narrow Brushes for 4C Hair:

Bantu Knots

It is known to be one of the most effective ways of getting your curls to come out perfectly, especially in 4C afro or kinky hair.

You will wash and condition your hair, as usual. A deep condition is also a great idea because it helps the hair be softer for longer. Once you are done washing, apply a leave-in. Using a rattail comb, section your hair and make sure your hair is damp.

Once sectioned off, take about 2 inches worth of hair, apply a styling gel, Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream and twist it around itself. Once twisted, secure it at the base with an elastic or a pin. Repeat this with all your hair, and leave it overnight. And voila you wake up with the best curly hair! Y

Braid And Curl Method

This method requires you to have some great products for your hair. The things you need include, a leave-in conditioner, coconut oil that moisturises, detangling brush, a wide-tooth comb, perm rods and of course as it is with all curling techniques, patience and an abundance of it.

Wash and condition your hair, let your hair dry for 30 minutes or until it is damp. Ensure your hair is damp. Divide your hair into four main sections using the wide-tooth comb. Using the raking method apply the leave-in conditioner, from root to tip. Apply the moisturising coconut oil.

Take smaller sections and take two strands. Twist them separately and wrap them around each other. Leave them to air dry or use a diffuser on low heat or tie a silk scarf and let it dry overnight.

Try Below Leave In Conditioners for 4C Hair:

Flexi Rods

Flexi rods are easy, and very fast when it comes to getting your hair to have curls. Wash and condition as you would.

Use Flexi rods on damp hair, dry hair will make it break. Have a spray bottle of water ready with you. Apply copious amounts of leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to make sure your hair detangles easily.

Once that is done, take a Flexi rod and twist the hair around it and lock the rod. Repeat this with all your hair and let it air dry. Apply coconut oil before you do all this.

These are some of the different ways how you can curl and tame those gorgeous short 4C hair.

It can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. Always remember to use a co-wash in between washes. Go back and read all the ingredients whenever you are buying a product for your hair. Experiment and understand what works best for your hair. Avoid by all means any sort of heat styling, that will only harm your hair further. Choose and select every product wisely. Above all deep condition often because curly hair and especially afro hair is extremely dry and it can break very easily.

Be kind to yourself and make sure you are happy while doing your hair. Also, with curly and afro hair you can have bad curl days or wash days and that is okay!

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