5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Brassy Brown Hair

When your hair starts appearing brassy all you can think is how to get rid of brassy brown hair as you wish to save your hair as soon as possible. The first thought that comes to mind that everyone follows is that go and see a hair professional and treat your hair with a proper


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When your hair starts appearing brassy all you can think is how to get rid of brassy brown hair as you wish to save your hair as soon as possible. The first thought that comes to mind that everyone follows is that go and see a hair professional and treat your hair with a proper method.

But what if your hair doesn’t turn completely brassy hair? This means, if you get a preventive measure for your hair or see the signs of brassiness in your brown hair a takes action against it to preserve and protects your hair colour, then you wouldn’t need to spend your money on luxurious and premium hair treatment to bring back your actual brown colour.

To make this dream come true and figure how to get rid of brassy brown hair, we have brought you the 5 best ways to get rid of brassy brown hair and preserve your natural hair colour or colour-treated hair. Scroll down to have a look at these methods to reduce brassiness from your brown hair or blonde hair permanently so that you won’t have to go to a hair expert to treat your hair.

How to Get Rid of Brassy Brown Hair?

So, after you have done your hair dying job, it becomes prominent to maintain that colour and protect your hair from damages. You must be taking care of your colour-treated hair by taking some effective tips which are as follows. You can also use apple cider vinegar, baking soda & other ingredients to get rid of brassy brown hair. Have a look at these ideas to protect your hair colour from fading or your brown hair catching brassy brown tones.

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Switch Your Hair Products to Colour Protecting Products

Normal shampoo or conditioner tends to just smoothen and moisturize your hair but not necessarily protect the recently done hair colour or colour-treated hair from damage or brassiness. Therefore, it is important to switch hair products and try to get something that guarantees to protect the colour from fading or getting damaged. There are numerous different kinds of hair products that can be considered when you have done a chemical process or experiment with your hair.

Brassiness can also be reduced with the help of a good colour protected hair product such as shampoo or condition that is made especially for colour treated hair. The shampoo that is made to protect the colour of the hair will not only help you to preserve the hair colour but also enhance its condition and moisture leaving a brilliant shine in it. So, try this formula before handling your hair to some hair professional or spending leads of your money to get it treated.

You can also try hair toner as it is a great way to create unforgettable colours on blonde or tinted hair. They can neutralise brassy undertones and give your client's hair incredible results. Hair loss treatment is also the best option for toning down those yellow, red, or orange tones.

Blue or Purple Shampoo Can Be Your Saviour

Blue and purple shampoo are made not only to benefit coloured hair but also to protect the colour from fading or getting brassiness. Further, both of these shampoos come with different kinds of brown hair to save them from damages. Where blue shampoo works brilliantly to reduce brassiness from your brown hair, purple shampoo is made for highlighted brown hair.

Though indeed, purple hair is significantly considered best for blonde hair, brown hair people can also get benefit from it. Highlighted strands in your brown hair can catch brassiness quite easily. Thus, give your hair this right formula of switching your shampoo to blue and purple shampoo and save the hair from getting brassy. You can find lots of blue and purple hair shampoo that guarantees to restore the original colour and shine of the hair by removing brassiness completely.

Prevent Your Hair From Sun Exposure

When your hair is recently highlighted and colour-treated, it is better to avoid direct sunlight and other environmental elements that can cause colour fading or brassiness. So, it is important to cover your hair with a scarf or hat before you step out in the sun just like you protect your asking from direct sun exposure by wearing broad-spectrum SPF daily so that the harsh UV rays won’t affect your skin.

The same goes with your hair, especially when it has been gone through a hard-chemical treatment or colouring process. If you are going to spend much time in the sun then make sure to wear your scarf or hat, else you can also use a UV filter spray that will protect your hair colour with ease and comfort. There are many hair protecting products available in the market that can protect your hair if applied before stepping out in the sun.

Stay Away From Heat-Styling Tools

Most of the result of the frizzy, dry or brassiness in the brown hair are the side effects of the regular use of hair styling tools that produces a high level of discomfort in the hair, especially the colour treated hair which start getting brassy. Moreover, regular use of heat styling tools such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling wands and others makes the hair dull, dry and damaged.

So, if you are using these hair tools to style yourself regularly when you have recently conducted hair colour treatment then better to avoid the frequent use of heat tools or apply some hair protecting product before styling the hair to avoid thermal damage or your brown hair turn brassy.

Apply a Neutral Hair Dye for Brown Hair

If you witness your hair has warm undertones in the initial stage of the brassiness in it, then it is better to use a neutral or natural colour hair dye to reduce brassiness before it becomes rigid in the hair. Natural brown hair shade and refreshing the hair colour from time to time will help you save your colour from fading and will also reduce the brassiness’ from the hair.

Further, this will also help to make the hair look shiny and moisturized by adding much-needed moisture and shine in it with the new and revitalized hair colour every time your wash your hair. Brown hair shampoo will do the work for all kinds of hair to get rid of brassiness.


Now you have 5 easy and effective ways to reduce or eliminate brassiness from your coloured hair. If you follow these hair protecting measures thoroughly, you won’t find the need to see a professional or spend money in treating your hair to remove brassiness from it.

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