How to Grow Dreadlocks with Short Hair – 6 Steps

Have you noticed people with dreadlocks walking by and admire how they got such twisted hairstyles? I always get curious when I see someone with such a fashionable hairstyle and think if they sit and get their hair twisted to get such dreadlock looks or they grow naturally. Later, I realised there a


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Have you noticed people with dreadlocks walking by and admire how they got such twisted hairstyles? I always get curious when I see someone with such a fashionable hairstyle and think if they sit and get their hair twisted to get such dreadlocks looks or they grow naturally. Later, I realised there are multiple ways to get dreadlocks, and there are various types of it.

Dreadlock is one of the latest and most stylish hairstyles witnessed by various cultures all over the world. Now the question arises of how to grow dreadlocks with short hair. If you start to dread short or curly hair, this will help your hair grow into long dreadlocks at a more comfortable pace and will look natural. In this article, we have explained some of the techniques to get amazing locks with the help of the right products and tools. By following a few of these methods, you can grow dreadlocks even when your hair is an inch long. We have also discussed the steps that need to be taken to grow dreadlocks with short hair.

Tools for Creating Dreadlocks

Dread Sponge

It can be considered as one of the essential items required for all the methods, especially sponge/brushing methods.

A dread sponge is an advantageous product that is designed for dreading coarse or rough hair. It is highly advised to get this tool for dreading short hair easily. For short hairs, the use of a sponge brush is better as compared to a bristle brush.

Try Below Dread Sponge to Create Dreadlocks:

Dreadlock Cream

This cream is essential for locking the dreads successfully. It helps in holding the hair together and keeping them knotted.

Rattail Comb

This rat tail comb is designed for the twisting method of dreadlocks. This can be used to comb through, twist, part, and pull hairs.

Techniques for Creating Short Hair Dreadlocks

Brushing Method

If you are wondering how to grow dreadlocks afro hair, then this method is best for you. This technique helps you get dreads with hair length less than 3 inches. You require a dread sponge or a soft bristle hairbrush. Brush your hair into smaller sections or small balls. The sponge holes will help gather hairs and create partings. After creating sections, make short locks by using some dread wax or gels to lock them in place. You can also use Jamaican Mango & Lime locking gel to hold dreads. Hold the small sections with the help of elastic bands. Make sure it is not too tight to avoid discomfort. Let it rest and dry naturally for about 3 hours, or you can blow-dry the locks. After that, you will notice short dreads and your hair will continue to get clumped while growing.

Twisting method

This technique is quite similar to the brushing method and is more manageable. You just need to part your hair with the help of a comb instead of clumping the hair together with the brush. You need to take a small section of hair with the help of a comb and make one inch sized squares. Secure these squares with elastic bands or hair clips and apply some dread locking cream or gel into the sections that have been created by you. Insert a rat tail comb at the roots of your hair. Pull the hair by twisting the comb until the end of the hair. While twisting, make sure you keep the hair in the comb teeth.

The twisting technique is most effective for short hairs. Now make dreads across the head in a horizontal direction with an inch spacing between the dreads. Continue doing so until all your hair gets dreaded. Let the dreads dry naturally for about 3 hours or use a hairdryer to remove the moisture from the dreads.

Locking From the Braids or Plats

This technique works best with hair types that are highly textured and are short in length. The plaits or braids help to hold the hair securely, so this technique is suitable for active lifestyles. Sectioning of hair will help you adjust the dread size and will form neat dreads.

Steps That Will Help You Grow Dreads With Short Hair Length

Do you want to know how you can grow dreadlocks with short hair? Given below are some steps you need to follow if you’re going to have a fashionable hairstyle. By following these steps, you’ll get amazing short dreads that will not make you look messy or untidy even when you have short hair length. Once you create dreadlocks with short hair, they will continue to grow with the same lock.

Create a Hair Regime

Maintenance is required for managing dreads. You are highly advised to create an arrangement to keep your hair healthy and clean.

Always Keep a Good Hair Cream or Gel Handy

Nourishment of hair is very essential for keeping dreads in perfect condition. You can use good hair cream or gels that will nourish your dreads and will keep them healthy and clean for an extended period. Jamaican black castor oil can be used to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Twist Your Hair Always in the Same Direction

As your hair is growing, you’ll find yourself topping up with the dreads by twisting them every time. When you twist your hair now and then, make sure you do it in the same direction to avoid untangling the hair. Twisting the dreads in the opposite direction will result in unravelling hair. You can also brush your locks. Avoid combing through your hair. Use a bristle brush to keep your hair or dreads clumped together.

Cover Your Hair Properly While Sleeping

While sleeping, you should cover your hair with a dread sock. This will help you to keep your hair soft and will prevent messing up of your dreads while you roll around or sleep.

Clockwise Rubbing

The clockwise rubbing method is generally performed at the roots of the hair. This method allows or encourages lock-up of the new hair growth.

Palm Rolling

It is the process where you will roll the dread back and forth in between your palms by applying some pressure in the downward direction. This will help you work your way from the top direction to the endpoint of the dreadlock. You need to repeat this step after every hair wash or any time whenever you think of doing so. This step is highly essential, which will help you maintain the shape of the dreads and separate each dreadlock from the other.

How Can You Grow Your Short Hair Fast?

If you are impatient and want your hair or dread to grow faster so that you can have long dreadlocks, you need to speed up the process so that it grows quickly. You need to adjust your diet and consider using some hair-boosting products or supplements. Try having a balanced diet so that your body gets the proper amount of hair-building nutrients which are required for creating or keeping healthy hair. You can also use caffeine hair shampoos that will help in boosting your hair growth directly from the roots.

Use these shampoos for regular washing to provide nourishment to the roots with active nutrients that will stimulate the hair follicles to grow stronger and faster.


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