How to Dip Dye Hair at Home?

Do you need to give a second thought to your question — whether to dye your hair or not to dye? or What is Dip Dye? How to dip dye hair at Home? Dip dye hair colour is one of the latest colourful trends going nowhere fast. It is one of those techniques that involve


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Do you need to give a second thought to your question — whether to dye your hair or not to dye? or What is Dip Dye? How to dip dye hair at Home? Dip dye hair colour is one of the latest colourful trends going nowhere fast. It is one of those techniques that involve low commitments but will last for a more extended period as compared to a temporary hair colour spray. Whether you have curly hair, or long straight hair or short hair, you can rock on this perfectly cool trend.

In this article, you will get to read all about dip dye hair, how you can dip dye your hair at home, and how you can maintain your new look.

What Is Dip Dye Hair?

Dip dye is entirely different from the other colourful dying techniques. In dip dying hair colour, you get a blunt, straight, and stark appearance which is perfect for any girl hair statement. In this technique, your hair will resemble a vertical straight soft look with the colour of your choice. Dip dye is an easy permanent method to add colour to your locks at home.

How to Dip Dye Your Hair by Yourself at Home?

Before you think of dip dyeing your hair at home, you need to select what type of look you want exactly. Whatever wild colour variation look you choose, you need to consider the base colour of your hair because you need to lighten up the dark hair before starting with the dip dying process. To narrow down your options, you can find your favourite hair colour by looking at the pictures of people with similar dip dye hair colouring. If you get confused between two colours, consider using both shades. The two shades that are close to the natural colour spectrum will add more length to your hair by blending beautifully.

Please ensure that your hair is as hydrated and healthy as possible before starting with the dying process. If you wish to have your hair locks in a better condition, try using a hair mask and changing your routine. This will not only keep your hair nourished and healthy but will also increase the moisturized feel of your hair. Apply the hair mask thoroughly from darker roots to tip and a little extra amount of it from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Wash your hair first with purple shampoo. Purple shampoo removes any underlying tones in your hair to make it a lovely blonde before colouring it a beautiful blue. You need to be extra careful here because this is the area from where your dip dye hair look will come to life and will make it look and feel best.

Steps to Keep in Mind Before Applying Dip Dye at Home!

Always read the instructions written on the back of the pack or the leaflet before you start dying your hair at home. Make sure you run an allergy test at least 48 hours before beginning the process.

Here are the steps shared which you can follow while applying dip dye hair colour at home.

1. Get Your Space and Tools Ready!

The worst part of dying hair is you end up doing disaster in your bathroom or room. To avoid such things, you need to get prepared with the area and the tools you’ll require. To begin with, wear an old t-shirt instead of risking your favourite one. Use old towels or rough cloth and wear gloves to avoid colouring your neck or hand. Use plastic carry bags to protect your surroundings and sink. You can also wear plastic bags before dying so that it doesn’t ruin your clothes.

2. Make Your Hair Ready!

Now it’s time to prepare your hair for the new colourful look. After conditioning, your hair must be feeling smooth and healthy. Simply brush or comb your hair to have tangle-free and super smooth hair before you are ready to apply the dye. This will result in a pristine dip-dye finish with evenly dying on every strand. Part your hair in your regular daily style so that the dying coverage falls naturally in your new look.

3. Decide Where Your Dip Dye Will Go!

When deciding where your dip dye will go, the first thing you need to consider is the length of your hair. Placement matters here the most. You are recommended to start dying somewhere between your chin and your ear if you have long or medium length hair. This will create a significant impact afterwards and will not make it look worse.

Take a look at your hair in the mirror and determine how far you would want the dye to go if you have shorter hair. For shoulder-length hair, five fingers and for bob length hair about four fingers work best. Try keeping a subtle look if you have cropped or pixie cut. You can achieve this look by getting help from your friend or a family member.

Also, You can dip dye curly hair or super thick hair by creating a third section on the back of your hair so that the dye gets evenly distributed all the way around. You can tie your hair with hair elastics to make separate sections.

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4. Prepare Your Dip-Dye Colour!

Take your own time and make sure that you read the instructions written on the backside of the pack or the leaflet. The instructions will ensure that you have all the equipment ready to attain the new look. After you are done with all the above steps, the next step is to mix the dip dye. Follow the instructions for mixing the perfect product and create your colour by mixing the dye in the bottle provided in the kit. Now you are ready with your colour.

5. Apply the Colour!

Apply the dye colour with the help of a brush rather than directly applying it with your hand. This will help you create the most natural-looking coverage with more precision. Start applying the dye colour to the tip of your hair first and then proceed upwards. The brush will help you redistribute the dye colour uniformly at the bottom section of your hair. Take one-one part from your elastics and apply the dye all across the hair.

6. Allow the Colour to Develop!

Wait for the dye to develop for about 25 to 45 minutes. The time duration depends on the level of intensity wanted and your natural hair colour. After 25 minutes, wipe the dye off from a small section to see how the colour has been developed. Once you are satisfied with the hair colour, thoroughly rinse your hair. Make sure all the dye colour gets washed off properly and apply your nourishing hair conditioner. Yes! You are ready with your new fresh look.

How to Maintain Your New Look?

You need to use colour-treated hair care shampoo and conditioner for dip dye tresses. These products are specially designed to protect and deeply nourish your dyed hair radiance. Also, you can try silver shampoo to maintain your natural hair colour. You can also add style to your hair by investing in a heat protectant cream or spray. This will not only protect your hair from heat damage but will also act as a styling agent to help you hold the look you wanted by using heat tools.

Once you find that your hair colour has started to fade, you need to refresh your hair with the same colour or refashion it with a different shade such as dark or lighter shade. Pick up your favourite dip dye hair colour and get back to work again.

Although dip dyeing your black hair at home requires skill and patience along with quite a bit of time, it will help you replicate your natural look at home with less investment. You can get a wide range of dip-dye colour options that are explicitly designed to get the best results. All you need is to choose the best shade depending on your looks and preferences.

How was your experience while doing it all by yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

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