Pomade Vs. Wax Vs. Gel: What To Use?

Pomade, wax, and gels are the styling products that are meant to provide maximum hold to your hairstyle. These styling products for hair make you ace any hairstyle like spikes, slick backs, textured quiffs or more. Various brands available in the market claim to make you achieve the dapper look, but


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Pomade, wax, and gels are the styling products that are meant to provide maximum hold to your hairstyle with better results. These men’s hair care products make you ace any hairstyle like spikes, slick backs, textured quiffs or more. Various brands available in the market claim to make you achieve the dapper look, but the dilemma comes when they do not.

Pomades, wax, and gels individually have their own expertise that helps make you look flawless! Here is the finest classification of a gel, wax, and pomade that will help you make a choice for sure! Also, the wrong product is equated to a bad hair day so choose wisely.

Read on to more about Pomade Vs Gel Vs Wax:


pomade features

Pomade is a flake-free substance that comes in two variants: Water-based pomades and Oil-based pomades. The only difference between them is water-based ones wash out easily with water, gives less shine compared to oil-based and the latter ones is a bit greasy which needs a thorough wash. Apart from this, if you have to make a choice, you can choose an oil-based pomade as it gives higher shine to your hair and a better hold to your hairstyle. This help improves your hair texture without hardening your hair.

Features of Pomade:

  • Gives a stronghold to your hairstyle
  • Adds glossy shine to your hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Improves your hair texture
  • Imparts essential nutrients to your hair

Why Use Pomade?

Pomade is a hair grease that gives a substantial hold to your hairstyle. The product helps impart shine on your hair and texture that takes your heart away. Different kinds of Pomades make your hair smooth by detangling them and improving manageability in your hair. The lightweight formula does not make your hair greasy or sticky at all. It does not even weigh down your hair and that helps you spruce up your overall look.

If you’re looking for a pomade, you can use Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade is the best pomade for men that really makes a difference! It contains coconut oil, castor oil and mineral oil that helps fight frizz in your hair and gives hair control that makes girls go gaga over you! Pomade hairstyles have hit the new high.

How Do You Apply Pomade In Long Hair?

Pomades are easy to apply, and it is a breeze to use them in your hair. You just need to follow the given points:

  • Dampen your hair
  • Apply Pomade on your hair
  • Massage it from the hair roots to the tips
  • Comb your hair for even distribution
  • Style your hair as desired


Gels are the most terrific thing in this world and have taken the fashion industry by storm! This gives you the maximum hold in your hair, and by maximum, it means you can go on a bumpy horse-riding session and your hair won’t even lift from its place. You can create the best ‘wet look’ if you wish to sport that kind of style which makes ladies go head over heels for you.

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It is a breeze to wash the gel out of your hair which makes it more convenient to use it on your hair. Texture and thickness is something great which makes you buy a gel to hold your hairstyle.

Features Of Gels:

  • Works best on fine and thin hair
  • Helps create a wet look
  • Gives a stronghold to your hairstyle
  • Volumizes your hair
  • Adds texture to your hair

If you are convinced that a hair gel can only be your friend, you can buy Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel which gives the best spikes in your hair and a tremendous hold. It dries in your hair quickly which keeps your hairstyle the way it is throughout the day.

How Do You Apply Gel On Your Hair?

  • Wash your hair
  • Apply Styling Gel on your hair
  • Set your hair as u desire
  • Apply more on the edges of your hair


Hair wax is a styling product that has some extraordinary properties. Besides conditioning your hair, it enhances hair volume, shine, and texture in your hair. The waxy nature does not stiffen your hair which is like a breath of fresh air to people who are looking for a styling product that does not harden their hair. After all who doesn’t love soft, flexible and touchable hair? You can apply these on your hair wet or dry hair whichever way you like it. It is an amazing piece that helps create an out-of-bed hairstyle that has hit a new high in the market.

Features Of Wax:

  • Provides volume of your hair
  • Gives structured or flexible curls
  • Conditions your hair
  • Adds shine to your hair
  • Moisturizes your hair

How To Use Hair Wax On Your Hair?

  • Wash your hair
  • Apply wax on the palms of your hands till it melts
  • Distribute evenly in your hair
  • Set your hair as you desire
  • Apply more on the edges of your hair

PRO TIP: Do not apply more than required otherwise your hair might become greasy or oily. A pea-sized amount is enough!

If you are wondering what hair styling wax to use, you can use Fudge Hair Varnish Shine Wax. It is an extremely lightweight wax that gives you the confidence to play with your hair the way you want.

Pomade, gel or wax, all are great & perfect options, but their use depends on your need. If you need a light to the stronghold, you can opt for a pomade or if you need a wet look, you can go for a gel of your choice. It’s you who can make a wise choice depending upon the look you wish to sport!

Good luck with your hairstyle!

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